5 Bars in NYC to Score a S/O at this Cuffing Season

My role at family functions is to look the best and drink the wine.

Firstly, I appreciate my uncle’s vino variety – you would too; and secondly I demand a glass for when my aunts grill me on why I’m single.

“So, are you seeing anybody?”

“Um, no.”

“Really? There aren’t any prospects in New York City?”

:: gulps wine ::

The real question is, do I even want a serious relationship? No idea; but the thought of being ‘cuffed’ to a cold-weather partner – whether it’s short-lived, or long – does sound nice.

Feel the same? Follow the bar recs below and you’ll likely score a S/O just in time for Valentine’s Day (and for your cousin’s wedding next May).

Tryouts: Now ‘til December



Getting over to Eleventh Ave. is a bitch. But if a hot-date were the reason to get your ass out there, would you go? Hike to Porchlight for a Southern excursion. Catch live tunes of various genres like bluegrass or soul while splitting somethin’ small like firecracker chicken. Get drunk in love with Bey’s Knees made with Old Duff Genever, Plymouth Gin, Swift Texas Single Malt Whiskey, Maraschino, chamomile, honey and lemon. And yes, there is a real indoor porch, daily happy hour, and hidden game room to get your game on. #PorchLIT

271 11th Ave, 212-981-6188, www.porchlightbar.com, @porchlightbar

Preseason: Early- to Mid-December

Bar Beau


Choose Beau for soon-to-be bae. This hip hybrid serves daytime coffee and locally sourced pastries in the street-facing shop and nightly cocktails and Japanese-inspired plates at the secret bar in the back. The informal yet design-forward den evokes a cozy and calming atmosphere with various seating options (based on your current status) including a lofty lounge, corner rail, marble bar, and bistro row. Regardless where you sit, sip The English Bae made with Banhez Mezcal, Mizu Lemongrass Shochu, grapefruit, ginger, chamomile and tonic; share the burrata, and stare into each other’s eyes.

61 Withers St, www.beaubrooklyn.com, @beaubklyn

In Season: Start of January

The Lodge at Gallow Green


Escape your apartment for this Après ski cabin. Nestled in a secluded forest atop The McKittrick Hotel, The Lodge was inspired by Scottish bothies, or basic stone shelters found in mountainous areas. The cabin’s charming ambiance comes complete with cozy fireside seating, warm plaid blankets, and sleeping bunks – not available for use. Get toasty with toddies and fondue; take an intimate stroll along the train tracks after.

542 W. 27th St, 212-904-1883, www.mckittrickhotel.com/gallow-green, @gallowgreen 

Playoffs: End of January

Patent Pending


Hang at the home of the world’s first recorded vibrations…with vibrant libations (for some real vibrations). But first…buzz yourself in, precede pass the coffee counter, and swiftly slip into the low-lit cellar bar serving cocktails with an electric theme.  The stylish space – once Nikola Tesla’s lab – is complete in custom metalwork, dreamy lighting and marble surfaces. Flip through a sketchbook menu of expert drawings cocktails by Harrison Ginsberg and Nick Rolin of Dead Rabbit and BlackTail. Select Light Me Up made with bourbon, Jamaican rum, mango black tea, Amaro, yellow chartreuse, Szechuan peppercorn, lime and pineapple. Be sure to book a ‘Resy’ as there are only 34 seats to accommodate imbibers.

49 W. 27th St, 212-689-4002, www.patentpendingnyc.com, @patentpendingnyc

Championships: Up to Mid-February



Enter a snow globe in the sky at Ophelia – really though. The lux lounge located on the 26th floor, high above First Ave. will downright transform into a shimmering show globe this winter. Imagine thousands of twinkling crystals and snowflakes suspended from a 17-foot-high ceiling. Bundle up in a white sheepskin throw with the Fireside made with Infinite Barrel Project Whiskey, Kina l’aero d’or, Lillet Blanc, Suze, and orange bitters; split sweets like churros and tiramisu, then chat about V-day plans. Who’s ready for romance?

3 Mitchell Pl., 212-980-4796, www.opheliany.com, @opheliany

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