Black Bourbon Society Issues An Open Letter To The American Whiskey Industry

Please take a few minutes to read this open letter from the Black Bourbon Society – Samara Rivers and Armond Davis.

“I wanted to share an open letter that Black Bourbon Society has written to the Bourbon and American Whiskey industry. We are committed in not only advocating, but INSISTING to be acknowledged by the brands and for the brands to implement new D&I strategies into their corporate structure. Please read, share, and pass it along to those who need to be motivated by our concerns.” – Samara Rivers, CEO/Founder, Black Bourbon Society

An Open Letter From Black Bourbon Society


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About Black Bourbon Society

Black Bourbon Society bridges the gap between the spirits industry and African American bourbon enthusiasts through our social media platforms, brand-partnered events and exclusive excursions. We challenge traditional direct consumer marketing standards by curating experiences that genuinely engage our unique demographic, and advocate for diversity and inclusion through speaking engagements and consulting within the spirits industry.

Black Bourbon Society is a tiered membership organization open to everyone who enjoys premium spirits and is interested in gaining a deeper appreciation for America’s Native Spirit. Black Bourbon Society is crafting a movement that showcases the value of the niche lifestyle and sophisticated palates within the African American Community and beyond.


Thirsty is an independent beverage media outlet and our black community to please reach out to us; we want to help your voices be heard. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and are here to amplify messages across our various platforms online and social media.

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