Osaka Miami: A Multi-Sensory Cocktail and Dining Experience

As the first North American outpost of the internationally acclaimed Nikkei restaurant, Osaka Miami delivers a multi-sensory experience that marries Japanese techniques with the intense flavors and ingredients of Peru, both in its cuisine and handcrafted cocktails.  The dimly lit restaurant and bar lounge is located at Brickell House, a luxury condominium tower in downtown Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. 

Osaka Miami’s bar and lounge area, which is partially sectioned off from the main dining room, has a sexy and intimate vibe that is great for a  date night or impressive first date. The high, wooden ceilings of the dining room create an expansive and airy feel, although you are close enough to ogle your neighboring diner’s entrees. From the amazing aromas and presentation techniques, including dramatic tableside torching or pours, you can not resist gazing at each dish and cocktail that arrives at every table in an artisanal ceramic plate or vessel.

Shareable ceviches, tiraditos, makimono rolls, nigiri, Peruvian izakaya and more dominate the menu – of which we highly recommend the scrumptious Crispy Quinua makimono roll -with shrimp and crab rolled in quinoa and torched crispy tableside, and the delectable Hotate Truffle (truffle-infused scallop nigiri). Do consider ordering a couple of small dishes from each section in lieu of a main entree.  

This will give you time to review the drink menu, which offers an extensive selection of cocktail styles, from pisco to smoked to chilled as well as mocktails (zero-proof cocktails), and a ‘Pisco Experience’.  Pisco is a wine-distilled brandy made from super-sweet Pisco grapes grown in the coastal valley of Peru, and the base spirit for the classic Pisco Sour cocktail.

Aka Sour

This version of a Pisco Sour transitions from slightly tart to sweet as the infused ice melts, and the foamy texture dilutes as well; shaken with Intipalka Acholado Pisco, Cardamom Syrup and Lime, then poured, tableside, over Chicha Morada (super-sweet Peruvian beverage made from purple corn) Ice.

Booze Ramen

Spirit-forward and tropical; Flor de Cana 4 Rum, Tio Pepe Sherry, Nigori Sake, Lemongrass, Chirimoya (custard apple), Ginger and Nori.


Well-balanced flavors that subtly grows smokier as its tea-infused ice melts, stirred with Roku Gin, Cocchi Americano, fortified Torontel (aromatic grape of the Pisco variety) poured, tableside, over Lagsang Red Tea Ice.

Mr. Osaka

Tart, yet fruity sweet, with a smoky finish;  mixed with Diplomatico Mantuano Rum, Lulo (Naranjilla), Basil Honey, Citrus Bitters, Tonic Water and finished, tableside, with Rosemary Smoke.

More Sensational Cocktails at Osaka Miami

Snake Juice

Nikka Coffey Gin, Dolin Blanc, Tangerine Juice, Smoked Rosemary and Lime Cordial.

Fakku U

John Barr Scotch, Homemade Shrub, Chocolate and Orange Bitters and Citrus Mint Syrup.

Amai Shio

Vida Mezcal,  Toki Whiskey, Curuba (banana passionfruit) , Tangerine Juice, Honey and Togarashi (Japanese spice blend).

Honey Cha

Zubrowka Vodka, Rice Shochu (Japanese traditional distilled liquor), Yuzu Honey and Sencha Green Tea.

TIP: Unless you specifically request a table, when making your dining reservation, you will be seated at the izakaya (sushi) bar.

Osaka Miami Details

1300 Brickell Bay Drive, Miami; ;

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