PATRÓN Perfectionists is BACK for the 2024 Edition – Calling All Bartenders to Enter Now!

The PATRÓN Perfectionists program returns this July, setting the stage for bartenders worldwide to aim for greatness in what is truly an experience of a lifetime in both a U.S. and global capacity. In the U.S.A., PATRÓN Tequila has teamed up with Tales of the Cocktail Foundation to sponsor the program with the entry stage and challenge being all about the beloved Margarita. A celebratory kick-off event will also take place at the Selina Catahoula New Orleans during Tales of the Cocktail on Monday, July 24th from 11am-5pm, which happens to be National Tequila Day (see more details and RSVP here). Attendees, including bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, will have the opportunity to learn more about Tales of the Cocktail Foundation Perfectionists by PATRÓN while enjoying delightful cocktails served by previous global PATRÓN Perfectionists finalists — Logan Demmy (USA), Dash Tume (Canada) and Max Macauley (UK).

Thirsty’s Co-Founder & CEO Tara Fougner shares, “Having experienced PATRÓN Perfectionists first hand as a guest Judge at the 2023 Global Final, I can so confidently and proudly say that this program is something incredibly special. Each one of the 2023 Global Finalists are extraordinary people beyond their talents at the bar and I still feel inspired by the PATRÓN Perfectionists experience. I highly encourage all bartenders to take a chance and opportunity to join this program. Not only to challenge themselves to grow into a better bartender, but to also grow into a better person by exploring their personal definition of perfection in the craft and become part of an extraordinary bartender community.”

The entry period for the program will span from July 1st to September 30th, 2023, with a primary focus on the PATRÓN Silver Margarita cocktail for the USA entry challenge. Academia PATRÓN will run different blocks of educational modules from July 2023 through to March 2024 with Tales Margarita Masters being the first series in support of the entry stage. The entry challenge, Tales Margarita Masters, will ask bartenders in the USA to create a Margarita using PATRÓN Silver, worthy of their favorite global city and of PATRÓN Tequila’s unwavering commitment to the highest quality ingredients.

Additional educational offerings will be led by some of the global industry’s leading mentors and they will be unveiled throughout the program. Trust us, the PATRÓN Perfectionists promises to be unforgettable experience so sign up now and enter to begin your journey – HERE.

Tales of the Cocktail Perfectionists sponsored by PATRÓN Tequila

2023 PATRÓN Perfectionists Global finalists

“There is too much to put into a single paragraph regarding all the opportunities that await bartenders who participate in the global PATRÓN Perfectionist program,” Logan Demmy, 2023 PATRÓN Perfectionists global finalist from the USA, tells Thirsty. “This is because the bartenders get to choose their prize. Although I did not win the global title, I spent a week in Mexico forming bonds with some of the most amazing bartenders from around the world, and those connections will endure. I felt the same energy at the national finals. PATRÓN Perfectionist is not just about winning a competition; it’s about connecting bartenders and providing them with tools and opportunities to grow their careers. I am eagerly looking forward to joining the 2023 national winners from Canada and the UK at the event at Tales of the Cocktail and I know that there will be numerous future opportunities to be part of La Familia that is PATRÓN in the future.”

And while it’s always exciting to see bartenders showcase their creativity and skills, the program offers more than just a cocktail competition; it aims to provide an engaging educational ecosystem through Academia PATRÓN and Tales of the Cocktail Foundation.

The program continues with additional educational modules, such as Mixologia de Mexico, running from October to December, followed by World of Agave from January to June. After the entry challenge, a local shortlist will be created, and 10 bartenders from each of the four USA regions will be anonymously selected to compete in the regional finals. The four USA winners will then journey to Hacienda PATRÓN in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico, in March 2024. There, they will join fellow global finalists for an immersive week of experiences and mentorship, featuring a surprise panel of global mentors, judges, and the Gran Familia PATRÓN.

Lauren Mote, Global Director of On-trade Excellence at PATRÓN Tequila and leader of the global PATRÓN Perfectionists program, said: “We’re incredibly proud of the shape the PATRÓN Perfectionists platform has been taking over the past year for both US and global bartenders. There’s never been a more exciting time for tequila in the global bar industry, so we have been supercharging our program to respond to the needs and aspirations of a thriving and passionate bar community.”

Lauren Mote, Global Director of On-trade Excellence at PATRÓN Tequila

Mote continues: “With an engaging platform that encompasses applied learning on our liquid and category, recipe development, techniques and rituals, and Mexican culture, we encourage participants to learn and think outside the box. Thanks to the support of our amazing contributors from the global PATRÓN Perfectionists community and on-trade, we are putting premium, hand-crafted tequila and the authentic passion of Mexico at the heart of drinks culture, welcoming more bartenders to embrace this vision with us this year.”

While Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s Perfectionists sponsored by PATRÓN launches in the USA, the global program will also roll out in 14 additional countries worldwide. Each country will have its own bartending program and cocktail competition, accompanied by educational events. The entry period for these countries will also run from July 1st to September 30th, 2023.

The global PATRÓN Perfectionists program offers bartenders an opportunity to showcase their creativity, skills, and passion for mixology. With the backing of PATRÓN Tequila and the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, bartenders can embark on a journey to perfect their craft and push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of cocktails. To stay updated on the program and its global initiatives, visit the Tales Perfectionists website (for USA bartenders only) and follow Academia PATRÓN on Instagram.

As the bartending community eagerly awaits the PATRÓN Perfectionists program every year, it’s clear that the 2024 edition will bring a wave of creativity and innovation to the world of cocktails. Here’s to the pursuit of perfection and excellence in mixology!

To learn more about PATRÓN Perfectionists and additional Academia PATRÓN programming, visit and follow along at @Academia_Patron.


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