Celebrating Día de Los Muertos With Inspired Cocktails Crafted By Latinx Bartenders With Perrier®

Inspired by Día de Los Muertos, Perrier® is launching a limited-edition offering, Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. To mark the occasion, Perrier® enlisted Latinx bartenders in the U.S. to craft creative cocktails inspired by the Día de Los Muertos holiday. In recognition of the release of its Día de Los Muertos limited-edition product, Perrier® is providing support in 2021 to two organizations which work to empower members of the Latinx community –  The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and United Farm Workers. Check out these Día de Los Muertos recipes as Thirsty again partners with Perrier® to amplify and uplift extraordinary Latinx bar talents.

Día de Los Muertos Inspired Cocktails with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

Tatiana Reyes (she / her) – Kennedy Rooftop in Chicago

“When creating my Día De Los Muertos alter every year, I am always reminded about how the people I lost acted, shared their love, their precious time and energy, the way they smelled and how their presence influenced me. I named my cocktail Dulce Cempasúchil (Sweet Marigold) because when I was creating it I was comforted by the aromas of chocolate, sweet corn, vanilla and fruit.”

Dulce Cempasúchil cocktail

  • 2 oz Mexican corn whiskey
  • 0.5 oz Corn liqueur
  • 0.75 oz Blackberry marigold syrup*
  • 0.75 oz Lemon juice
  • 3 Dashes mole bitters
  • 4 oz Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

*Blackberry marigold syrup – Start by making marigold tea, using the petals from three fresh marigolds. Simmer the petals in 1/2 a cup of water for ten minutes. Next, muddle 5 giant blackberries. Strain and set blackberry juice aside. Strain marigold tea to remove petals and add 1/2 a cup of granulated sugar to the hot tea. Stir until it dissolves, leaving you with a syrup. Add blackberry juice to the syrup and allow it to cool before using. Refrigerate. Syrup is good for two weeks.

Add all ingredients minus Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor into a drink shaker. Shake with ice at least ten times to combine ingredients. Strain into glass over two giant ice cubes. Top with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with fresh marigolds pierced into a long-manicured orange peel and corn husk butterfly cut outs glued onto the glass with the blackberry marigold syrup.

Luis Estrada (he / him) – Aikana in Chicago

“During Día De Los Muertos we need to know the important role of the Xolo’s in Pre-Hispanic culture, especially the Mexicans, believed that when a person died, souls had to travel a long way through the underworld to reach Mictlán, the world of the dead.  The deceased did not undertake this journey alone, the soul of their dog guided them through the afterlife to be able to cross the river of death. That is why the xoloitzcuintles fulfilled a very important function, it was to help the souls cross a deep and mighty river that crosses the Mictlán, called Apanohuacalhuia. This is what inspired my Día de los Muertos cocktail.”

Xoloitzcuintli cocktail

  • 2 Dashes mole bitters
  • 1.5 oz Mezcal
  • 0.25 oz Pomegranate liquor
  • 0.5 oz Morita pepper syrup
  • 0.5 oz Lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon charcoal powder (note – activated charcoal affects the absorption of medication and vitamins making them less or ineffective and should not be consumed in large quantity)
  • 1 egg white
  • 1.5 oz Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

Add all ingredients into a shaker except the Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Dry shake vigorously for 5 seconds then add ice and shake vigorously again for 8 seconds. Double strain in a Collins glass. Add rocks ice. Finish with 1.5oz Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with lemon zest.

Argelia Martinez (she / her / Ella) Vida Mia Cocktails in Chicago

“Our ofrendas and gatherings during this time of the year honors the family members we met and the lineage of ancestors that live through our stories. We honor them with our favorite food and beverages. Día de los Muertos is a celebration of life. I decided to dedicate this zero-proof cocktail named “Vida” to my mama and abuelas that brought me back to life with ginger lemon tea when I was under the weather as a kid.”

Vida non-alcoholic cocktail

  • 2 oz Berry ginger syrup*
  • 0.5 oz Lemon juice
  • 3 Sage leaves
  • Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

*Berry ginger syrup – In a saucepan on medium heat, combine 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add 1 cup of peeled ginger root with 5 blackberries. Bring the syrup to a light boil. Let it cool off.

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Slap 2 sage leaves over the cocktail shaker and drop it in the shaker. Add the berry ginger syrup and lemon juice. Shake for 10 seconds. Fill your rocks cocktail glass halfway with fresh ice and strain the berry lemon ginger mix into the glass half way. Fill the remaining glass with the Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with skewered blackberry and sage leaf.

Carolina Gonzalez (she / her) – Woodwind in Chicago

“Día de los Muertos gives us the chance to remember everyone who we have lost in this world. In celebration of this beautiful holiday, I chose to dedicate this cocktail to Romeo, mi pequeño “Alebrije;” he was my fur baby, my protector and my guardian angel. Alebrijes are these bright, colorful, mystical creatures meant to lead you in your path and help you become who you are supposed to be. They are our spirit guides to the next life and back. Helping these creatures find their way is a beautiful colorful flower called cempasúchil. For my cocktail I created a bridge of cempasúchil flowers as a representation of guidance and my cocktail is made with a fruit base mole using mi abuelita’s original recipe. Feliz Día De Los Muertos Mi Alebrije Lindo!”

Mi Alebrije cocktail

  • 1.5 oz Mexican purple corn whiskey
  • 1.5 oz Blueberry mole puree
  • 1 oz Lime juice
  • 0.5 oz Cempasúchil syrup
  • Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

Build all ingredients (minus the Perrier®) in a shaker. Shake and pour over pebble ice. Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor.

Phil Ochoa (he / him) – Petit Trois in Los Angeles

“Día de Los Muertos to me, is focused on traditions around my grandmother and grandfather. I constantly lean on the flavor profiles and combinations I learned from cooking with my grandmother as a child, and I have my grandfather to thank for my work ethic and drive. They both did their best to develop my creativity and raise a conscientious leader.”

Te Amó Mora cocktail

  • 1.5 oz Mezcal
  • 0.5 oz Blackberry liqueur
  • 1 oz Blackberry tarragon coulis
  • 0.5 oz Lime juice
  • 0.5 oz Pineapple juice
  • Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

In a cocktail shaker, combine the mezcal, blackberry liqueur, coulis, both juices, and ice. Shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds; strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice, and finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with tarragon sprigs

Miguel Carranza (he / him) – Bar Calo in Los Angeles

“Día de Los Muertos to me and my family is a day when we celebrate the lives of loved ones that have passed away. It’s a day that through memories and stories we bring our loved ones back to life. As a kid and even till this day my parents decorate their home with flowers and light candles next to pictures of those we wish to remember. My favorite memory is the scent of flowers and scented candles that would linger throughout the house for days.”

Flor y Vida cocktail

  • 2 oz Cachaça
  • 1 oz Brown sugar and cinnamon syrup*
  • 0.25 oz Ginger syrup
  • 6 Lime Chunks
  • 6 Nopal Triangles
  • 3 Blackberries
  • Pinch of mint leaves
  • 1 oz Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

*Brown sugar and cinnamon syrup
 – 2 cups of brown sugar, 1 cup of water, 1 cinnamon stick. 
Combine all ingredients into a pan. Bring the water up to a simmer and let the brown sugar dissolve. Pull the cinnamon stick out and let it cool down before using.

Muddle your limes, nopales, blackberries, and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker first. Then add the remaining ingredients into the cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake this baby real good. Strain and pour into your favorite glass. Finish with 1oz of Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with mint bouquet, blackberries and nopales.

Sergio Medina (he / him) – Los Angeles

“Día de Los Muertos to me is honoring & remembering those who came before us & helping shape those who come after us. That is what drives me every day.”

Puesta del Sol cocktail

  • 1.5 oz Tequila
  • 0.5 oz Mezcal
  • 0.75 oz Lemon juice
  • 0.5 oz Lavender infused agave
  • 1 Lightly pressed blackberry
  • Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

Shake & strain. Serve in a rocks glass. Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor.

Alex Valencia (he / him) – La Contenta in New York

“As a part of my culture, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) it not optional for little kids. I remember it was not an option, we used to go to the cemetery very early and spend all day, I mean at least 14 hours there. For kids: eat and play, for adults it was: drink, talk, eat, and more talk. I remember lots of marigold flowers, the smell of the flower is intense. Also, a lot of people that day. I remember my drunk uncle talking about how he escaped death many times and how he became a good friend of ‘La Calaca’ (death). It’s beautiful to remember my childhood there.”

El Demonio cocktail

  • 2 oz Charanda
  • 0.75 oz Mexican cola soda syrup
  • 0.7 5oz Lime juice
  • 2 Dashes Angostura bitters
  • Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor

*Mexican cola soda syrup* – Use 1kg of sugar and dissolve over 500mL of Mexican dark soda. Stir until it is fully dissolved and ready to use.

Add all the ingredients into the shaker, except for the Perrier®. Shake for 5-6 seconds and strain into glass over ice in a wine glass. Finish with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. Garnish with pink grapefruit and dry lemon wheel with dry chili pepper.

Stay tuned for more Día de los Muertos cocktails with Perrier® Mystère Potion Blackberry flavor. For more information on Perrier®, visit www.perrier.com and follow them on instagram – @perrierusa


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