Pokemon, Lego and Cartoon-Themed Cocktail Flight at DC’s barmini

Cheers to childhood! The creative team at barmini in Washington DC is at it again, with a nostalgia-inspired cocktail flight, available now for a limited time.

The mixology masters at Chef José Andres’ cocktail spot have concocted the tasting which includes drinks based on memories of Pokemon, Saturday morning cartoons, board games and Alice in Wonderland, including seven half cocktails for $95.

“We have had great success with our cocktail flights the past few years, and are now changing our flights every 3-4 months based on inspiration from different places – our last cocktail flight, for example, was inspired by Spain,” explains barmini’s Al Thompson.


“José came to us one day very excited about a cocktail he saw in a honey bear jar,” continues Thompson. “He liked the idea of using an object he was familiar with from childhood as a vessel for the cocktail. With this idea, we decided to have barmini’s cocktail inspired by that same feeling of “nostalgia”, thinking of childhood as a “place” in time, rather than geographical location. All of the cocktails in the Nostalgia flight are inspired by that feeling of whimsy, magic and playfulness from childhood.”

The innovative menus are made in the format of old time view masters and Candy Land board games, including a variety of flavors and presentations.

“One really cool aspect of the Nostalgia Flight is the added level of details in the graphic designs,” says Thompson. “For example, the cereal box in the “Saturday Morning Cartoons” cocktail has a cartoon of José eating cereal on the front! We have another cocktail, inspired by baby food. I love it because each bartender has a jar with their baby photo on it. Those personalized touches really enhance the experience for the guest.”

Cheers to barmini’s flashback refreshments!

barmini Nostalgia Flight cocktails



Genever, Pedro Ximenez Sherry, Carrot, Ginger, Sugar Snap Pea espuma

Lunch Punch

Brandy, Lemon, Cherry Herring, Darjeeling tea, Milk

Gotta Catch’em All


Mezcal, Gin or Aquavit, Lime, Rose Vermouth, Poké ball. Guests choose a card that corresponds to a cocktail; as the drinks are presented, guests are encouraged to trade cards and flavors with their chocolate currency.


Honey Vodka, Singani, Coconut, Lemongrass, Magic

Down the Rabbit Hole


Gin, Orange, Peach, Maple, Vanilla, Tea Pot

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Brandy, Angostura Cereal, Caramelized Milk, Vanilla, Cartoons

If You Build It

Mezcal, Lemon,Ginger, Barmini Amaro Blend, LN2. Served in a Lego vessel surrounded by a frozen moat.

barmini details

501 9th St. NW, Washington DC 20004, 202-393-4451

www.minibarbyjoseandres, @barminibyjose


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