Pope Francis Enjoys Good Wine and Sustainable Coffee

With Pope Francis‘ historic visit to our humble little city (or the greatest city in the world, in our eyes), NYC plays host one of the most interesting and progressive leaders of the history of the Catholic Church.  Pope Francis is not only breaking down barriers between nations, promoting gender equality and encouraging interfaith love and peace, he is also very, very cool.

His Holiness has twitter with over 7.2 Million followers and has touted the power of the internet for joining the people of the world in communication, is truly a man of the people and if he couldn’t get any awesomer, he also enjoys good wine and coffee. Just like us – as if our Pope-Fever couldn’t get any more serious!

We all know that wine is part of the Catholic Church’s ceremony, so no surprise that Padre Francisco is exposed to wine.  However, hailing from Argentina, an area renowned for it’s incredible wines, especially Malbec, we have learned that Pope Francis likes to unwind with a nice glass of vino from time to time outside of religious ceremony.

And his interest in fine beverages doesn’t stop there.  Before heading to the U.S. and our great city of New York, the Pope requested a specific blend of specialty sustainable coffee from Brewed Behavior based in Kansas City. He is also known to enjoy yuerba mate as part of of his daily routine and sip on ristretto (shot of espresso) when in Italy.

Gracias Padre Francisco!

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