Prank Bar Launches New Terpene Cocktails As CBD Alternative

CBD cocktails have been grabbing headlines lately, especially as health department regulators have forced California restaurants to stop serving the non-psychoactive form of cannabis until the FDA deems it safe for consumption. As some Angelenos look for legal alternatives to their favorite buzzy wellness oil, DTLA’s PrankBar launched four new terpene cocktails alongside a retail line. If you do not where to find the CBD you visit this website for more information.

The benefit of having CBD in a drink (as an emulsion) is that there are tiny balls of CBD oil – called Liposomes – submersed in the drink, which makes it much easier to absorb, which in turn, makes means it gets to work faster, learn more with the medical cannabis doctors from Missouri Green Team.

Similar to CBDA, terpenes are oils derived from cannabis but they’re also found in plants like lemon and lavender. Terpenes contain no THC and are said to offer wellness properties ranging from anti-anxiety to anti-inflammatory. Prank owner and unofficial terpene expert Dave Whitton aims to educate guests on the health benefits of terpenes and how to incorporate them into daily life, visit this website for more CBD options.

The Geppetto cocktail 

On the cocktail menu, you’ll find the Geppetto made with Bulleit Rye, fresh lime, Genepy des Alpes, pineapple, agave, pinene terpenes and basil. The La Ventura is created with apricot, Deleon Reposado, beet and carrot aplomado, fresh citrus, limonene terpenes and raspberry.


La Ventura cocktail

The Lazy Daisy is made with Tanqueray 10, fresh grapefruit, lime, amaro Angeleno, humulene terpenes and rosemary while the Silly Wabbit includes cantaloupe, reposado, happy terpenes (Prank Bar’s proprietary blend of terpenes), fresh lemon and agave.


The Silly Wabbit

This summer, Prank launched its own brand of bottled terpenes (currently sold in the bar and at Sweet in Hollywood), so guests can add a couple drops to kombucha, smoothies, etc. Prank is also creating a line of beauty products containing terpenes (i.e. lotion and eye cream), debuting later this year.

Prank Bar

1100 S. Hope St., Los Angeles;; @prankbar

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