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There’s nothing like a Monday morning commute to make you daydream about relaxing in a tropical paradise with a pina colada in hand. If you successfully escape to Roatán, an island in the Caribbean -just off the northern coast of Honduras, then head for the new Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort & Spa. At this island retreat, find Alera, an upscale dining venue with an expansive patio, and order the delish Qué Piña cocktail. Sip on this innovative version of everyone’s favorite vacation drink: the pina colada, and listen to the gently lapping waves and lush swaying palms on West Bay beach.

“I originally came up with this recipe when I was working in Denver in the winter and started dreaming about a sunny beach vacation and refreshing tropical drinks. I was simultaneously obsessed with the “milk punch” method of making cocktails and inspired by the beach-staple Pina Colada and figured there had to be a way to combine the two.” -shares the drink’s creator, Sarah Harmacek, Beverage Director at Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort & Spa.

“After some experimentation, I found the perfect combination of refreshing acidity, sweetness, boozy, and spice. The end result is at the same time refreshing, silky and warm and has a deceivingly complex profile. This is not an all day drinker, but is perfect as an after dinner drink to melt away your troubles.”

¿Qué Piña? Cocktail Recipe + Preparation

by Sarah Harmacek for Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort & Spa

Batch Ingredients

    • 30 oz Aged Rum
    • 10 oz Allspice Liqueur
    • 8 oz Pineapple juice
    • 6 oz Lime juice
    • 4 oz Sugar
    • 4 oz Water
    • 10 oz Coconut cream (like Coco Lopez)
    • 16 oz Whole milk

Batch Build

– Combine all ingredients EXCEPT coconut cream and whole milk in a large bowl and whisk until sugar is dissolved. Set aside.
– Combine whole milk and coconut cream in a separate large container and stir to combine.
– Slowly pour alcohol/juice mixture into the milk blend. Stir gently to combine.
– Cover and store in refrigerator for at least 2 hours or up to one day.
– Strain through a coffee filter (or double layered cheesecloth or paper towels!) placed securely over a strainer to remove small particles.
– Label and store in the refrigerator.

Helpful Hints:
1) To get a perfectly clear result, while straining, pour 1/3 to ½ of the mixture through the coffee filter. Let a small layer of curds build up on the filter. Then take the liquid that has strained through and pass through again. Then you can continue to pass the rest of the liquid. The curds act as an added layer of filtration for a perfectly clear milk punch. Beware: this process takes A LONG TIME. If you set it up right, you can even set it and let it go overnight.
2) Milk punch is shelf stable; but it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator.
3) Mix up the spirits! Try splitting the base with mezcal or scotch for a smoky kick!

Pour: 3 oz over ice into Old Fashioned glass; garnish with cherry and lime wheel.

Alera at Kimpton Grand Roatán Resort & Spa
West Bay Beach, Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras
grandroatanresortandspa.com ; @grandroatanresortandspa

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