Rum Shakers Returns In DC, Atlanta, Chicago & San Diego With The New Dance Battle Edition

Rum Shakers is officially back and inviting all bartenders in DC, Atlanta, Chicago and San Diego to hit the dance floor for the new Dance Battle edition. Bartenders and bar staff are constantly moving back and forth behind the bar showing off their own choreography daily. So in 2018, Tales of the Cocktail Foundation and BACARDÍ Rum teamed up to create Rum Shakers, an inclusive advocacy program that empowers industry to show how they shake it beyond the bar. Rum Shakers get to undergo professional dance training for four weeks to ultimately perform a choreographed routine in front of their family, friends, peers and fans. After electrifying seasons in Miami and Los Angeles, Rum Shakers has quickly become one of the most exciting programs around showcasing the magic of dance and gaining an activated fan base globally.

Rum Shakers Bartender Dance Competition wants to take that movement and bring it to a dance studio near you! This 4-week dance program and competition is all about giving bartenders motivation to be active through dance while celebrating personal expression and community.

Do you have what it takes to be part of Rum Shakers?!

Rum Shakers Sign Up & More Information –  Tales of the Cocktail Foundation application HERE.

Dance Training Dates

Washington D.C.: September 19-October 10

Atlanta: September 26-October 17

Chicago: October 3-October 24

San Diego: October 10-November 7

 All dance classes will be held from 12:00-1:30pm on Monday and Wednesday of each week. Participants are required to attend at least one session a week.

Dance Showcase Dates

Washington D.C.: Week of October 17

Atlanta: Week of October 24

Chicago: Week of November 7

San Diego: Week of November 14




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