Score at the World Cup with Caipirinha-Flavored Condoms

A classic Caipirinha is made from cachaça, lime, and sugar but the national drink of Brazil is being sexily reinvented for the World Cup.  Prudence (made by Malaysian company Karex) has created limited edition Caipirinha-flavored condoms for the World Cup so Brazilians can celebrate their team spirit even when getting busy.  These prophylactics are fully supporting Brazilian spirits as they come colored in the national flag colors with a yellow base and green tip.

The unofficial condoms of the World Cup retai for 3.15 real ($1.39) for a 3-pack and are selling out faster than Clint Dempsey scored for the U.S. in their first match.   The Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 1 million additional packs at set to arrive in Brazil.

So go ahead and “get it up” with World Cup spirit by playing on the field and in between the sheets with Prudence Caipirinha Condoms!

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