Seasoned to The Restaurant Industry: Sorry We Took So Long

“Everyone should work in a restaurant at some point in their lives.” A semi-prominent quote, attributed to no one in particular. But for those who have clocked in for a grueling dinner rush on a Friday night, it carries a little bit of weight. And by weight, I mean truth. And by truth, I mean everyone should work in a restaurant, at least once in their lives.

Too many hear this notion and brush it right back to that space in their brain that is proactively ignored. The struggle is simply not their problem. But here’s the thing: for 16 million foodservice workers in America, it very much is their problem. Hardworking employees making an honest living in an industry that provides less than zero support. And it’s tough to blame them, because up until now the standard restaurant worker has either one foot out the door or both feet silently inside. In other words, it’s either a prideless stepping stone or a thankless profession.


These are individuals who spend too many hours a week crafting our dining experience, ensuring our satisfaction and absorbing unthinkable amounts of rudeness just to put food on their own tables at home. It’s an honest living that deserves to be celebrated. An undervalued industry that deserves to be valued. A universal joy being provided by a massive segment of the American workforce that gets little to no help, and the entire marketplace is a disaster because of it.

Hiring managers aren’t able to find the right talent, and talent can’t find the right jobs. The mismatches are endless—underqualified cooks wreaking havoc in the kitchen, overqualified bartenders clocking out for good within a few weeks of being hired, and then there’s that “experienced” server who turned out to be a former carnival clown. Look, when both sides of the market are desperate, weird things happen. But it begs the question, how do we make it less weird and more efficient?

Resources, connections, referrals, tools…okay, let’s just call it a massive network. A network of restaurant talent, to be specific. From experienced chefs to first-time servers to desperate-for-a-decent-bartender-right-now managers – the answer is simple, they just need a place to call their own. And that place is Seasoned. A platform where opportunities are within arms reach rather than buried amongst tacky job boards. Because when you consider the passion, initiative and ambition these individuals possess, all they’ve ever needed was a little help.


And that’s what it will always come back to—the people. Without them, we’d all face the jarring reality of what it actually takes to create memorable drinks, meals and experiences. These are people who work hard to find the opportunities to serve us, and even harder to actually serve us. Yet suddenly, the answer is so clear it’s practically punching us in the face. Let the restaurant community handle those memorable drinks, meals and experiences – and Seasoned will take care of the rest.

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