Sen Sakana Kicks It Nikkei Style in Midtown

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Sen Sakana recently opened its doors in Midtown West and is serving up an authentic Nikkei experience to its guests.  For those unfamiliar with Nikkei, don’t call it “fusion” cuisine, it is a culinary style originating in the late 1800s when a large influx of Japanese workers arrived in Peru.

Naturally, the blending of cultures influenced food by the mixing of Peruvian ingredients with Japanese techniques.

Sushi Roll at Sen Sakana

This ultra-sleek restaurant and bar is not what you would typically expect for the neighborhood, but it is greatly welcome.  With seating for 190,a 10-seat sushi bar, and a private dining room, our choice is always at the bar.  The kitchen is headed up by Chef Mina Newman and Chef Taku Nagai who collaborated on an inspired menu of Ceviche, Tiradito, Kushiyaki Grilled Skewers and Mains as well ask Sushi by Chef Sang Hyun Lee. that elegantly marry the culinary tastes and cultures of Japan and Peru.

Sen Sakana

The impressive beverage program is headed up by Beverage Director, Zachary Gross, with eight boozy cocktails and three non-alcoholic options as well as a VERY extensive wine list.  “The cocktail program is chef inspired with creations done in a Nikkei style. The wine list is comprised of some of the greatest producers in the world. Focusing on Champagne, Burgundy, and Riesling, there are also a handful of Greek, Portuguese, and local producers with some interesting finds.”  Embracing the massive popularity and adoration of Japanese Whisky, he adds, “With over 30 different types, we have one of the best selections in the city.”

Barstool Review Sen Sakana

The cocktail menu naturally has a strong focus on Pisco, Peru’s native spirit as well as Japanese influence true to Gross’s Nikkei inspiration.

Cocktails at Sen Sakana

Their signature Sen Sakana Sour is a twist on a classic Pisco Sour with Lemongrass infused Pisco, Lemongrass Shochu, Cucumber, Ginger, Egg White and Celery Bitters.

Japanese Whiskey Coffee Cocktails at Sen Sakana

Some other highlights include the One Thousand Fish with Japanese Whisky and Pisco infused with Bonito Flakes and Fortified Pisco and The Island of Nuts crafted with Pisco infused with Japanese Sugar, Walnut and Tiki Bitters.

Cocktails at Sen Sakana

Gross truly got very creative with many house-infusions and thoughtful blending of Japanese and South American ingredients.


  • Sen Sakana has a no tipping policy
  • Finish the night with a Cafe du Monde cocktail – Japanese Whisky, Mocha, Chicory and Xocolate Bitters

Sen Sakana details

Sen Sakana Sushi Bar

28 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

212-221-9560, @sensakana


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