The Blend is Serving Up Change with Refire, A Six-Week Long Speaker Series

Hospitality has been in search of meaningful structural change for a long time. Our community has worked too many hours for not enough money in environments that can be racist, patriarchal, and unsafe. We want to reset and talk about the systemic issues plaguing our workplaces. We need a Refire.

As bars and restaurants reopen across the country, what if we took this opportunity to do things better? What if we could send back all the old, outdated ways of doing business and build a future that is more equitable, more just, and more accessible for all? What if we could reignite the spirit of activism inside all of us and work together to make big changes?

Refire takes experts from inside and outside of our industry who have had success making meaningful changes and learning how to apply those tactics in hospitality. From event accessibility, to worker’s rights and wages, to food scarcity and engaging our communities, these leaders will help us strategize actionable steps we can take in our own workplaces. Discussions about weight discrimination, grief recovery, and organizing as a workforce can help us lay out a clear plan to make our industry a kinder and safer place to work.

Hospitality needs a Refire. We hope these six speakers, over these six weeks, will galvanize our community and spur much needed change.

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Refire Workbook Update

The Refire Speaker Series was originally released Spring 2021 over the course of six weeks. Now we have the chance to revisit all of the talks in one place with the added benefit of a workbook created to distill the big concepts and create the space to build out a strategy for actionable change. The workbook is a collection of resources in one centralized location for you to make notes, add your thoughts, and refer back to whenever you might need a refresher. It also sifts out important concepts and defines the words that are the foundation of transformation. We encourage you to flesh out your own reflections and challenge you to use these conversations as the jumping-off point for creating change within your own sphere. Each discussion will have an accompanying workbook to more deeply explore the topic.

Refire Programming Schedule

  1. Michael Smith, grief recovery specialist (debut 4.27) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE
  2. Devita Davison, Food Activist and Executive Director, FoodLab Detroit (debut air date 5.4) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE
  3. Stephanie Luce, Professor of Labor Studies, The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies debut air date (5.11) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE
  4. Virgie Tovar, writer and weight discrimination activist (debut air date 5.18) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE
  5. Dawn Serra, sustainable, accessible, justice-based events consultant (debut air date 5.25) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE
  6. Chelsea Gregoire, hospitality systems innovator (debut air date 6.1) – WORKBOOK LINK HERE

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Editor’s Note: revised for updates from original post on April 19th, 2021

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