Shaken, Stirred & Single: Goldbar’s Shem Blum

Name: Shem Blum
What: Bartender
Where: Goldbar (389 Broome Street)
When: Sundays, 11pm-close
Age: 37
Height: 6’1”
Sexual Preference: Ladies
Relationship Status: Looking for love
Instagram: @sbshakes


NYC Bartenders | Shem Blum

A self-proclaimed “conservative flirter,” Shem is a man with quite specific and deservedly high standards. He’s often told he looks like both Adam Levine and Christian Bale, so it seems fair enough that his celebrity crush is Adriana Lima.

Don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model? You may still catch Shem’s eye, if you’re a whiskey-drinking, non-smoking, crossword-puzzling, brunette, Manhattan hipster with a toned tush. As Shem so wisely pointed out, “the a** is a good gauge; if the a** is in shape, the rest probably matches.”

Shem keeps his own cheeks in shape with Pilates, rock climbing, boxing and CrossFit (doesn’t hurt that his roommate happens to own CrossFit GSP, just across the Hudson River).

When he’s behind the stick at Goldbar, Shem’s go to cocktail to impress the ladies is the Toasted Sesame Highball (Sesame-infused Reyka Vodka*, Lemon juice, Cucumber, Soda Water, Salt). When he’s not working, he impresses with his signature margarita – Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver, lime juice, agave, and a splash of Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur.

Though he can cook, Shem adamantly believes that “cooking is a sixth date” activity.  All you have to do is make it through the first five dates, which, honestly, don’t sound too torturous.

  • Date 1: The Fat Radish, then The Leadbelly
  • Date 2: Movie night (minimum talking, maximum hand holding)
  • Date 3: Aire Ancient Baths
    Date 4: Brunch at Bleecker Kitchen & Co.
  • Date 5: Something sporty…maybe Pilates or SoulCycle? Anything for tight buns.

Sound fun? Tell him! Shem appreciates a lady who isn’t afraid to make the first move.

Of course, I couldn’t let Shem go without asking his favorite position. Without hesitation, I got two dimples, a smirk, and “variety is the spice of life.”


As if all of the above doesn’t make him crush-worthy enough, Shem is also an uncle, a lawyer and a motorcycle owner. I didn’t confirm with him, but I think he’s most proud of the first; just an educated guess based on the fact that I was shown pictures of his nephew mid-interview and informed that being woken up by his personal toddler alarm clock is the only way he ‘won’t wake up grumpy.”

If you can’t wait until Sunday to visit Shem, he’ll be at The Meatball Shop Chelsea for Valentine’s Day.

Meatball Shop Valentine's Day

*Probably worth noting he is a Reyka Brand Ambassador. Also worth noting, I tried the Toasted Sesame Highball; I was impressed.

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