Made in NY – Shmaltz Brewing Co. is Expanding

We are ride-or-die for our hometown Made in New York beverages, so we were excited  to hear that Shmaltz Brewing Co. is expanding its Clifton Park, New York brewery.   The makers of one of our fave beer brand names, He’brew — The Chosen Beer and Funky Jewbelation has been exceeding all sales expectations and really catching on across other states across the country.

Hebrew Genesis AleAfter only being open a year, their current 50-barrel facility churned out such good brews that they are looking to double capacity from 20,000 barrels to 40,000 within the next year.  They will also be growing their team to keep up with the hugely successful beer expansion … so they’re doing a mitzvah with bringing jobs to the economy.  Mazel Tov!

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