Sip The Red Pepper Padre for National Tequila Day

To celebrate National Tequila Day, spice things up with the Red Pepper Padre cocktail. Made with a flavorful blend of Padre Azul Blanco tequila, black pepper, bell peppers, orange liqueur and lime juice, this cocktail helps showcase the vanilla and caramel flavors of the spirit, while adding a piquant kick from the peppers.

An award-winning 100% Blue Agave Super-Premium tequila, Padre Azul was born out of a love story between co-founders HP Eder from Austria and Adrian Alvarez Maxemin of Guadalajara, Mexico and is a distinctive spirit with a decidedly smooth finish and is available in 3 expertly crafted expressions: Blanco (featured in the Red Pepper Padre cocktail and pictured below), Reposado and Añejo.

“We wanted a product that enchants from the very beginning,” says Eder of the Padre Azul portfolio. “It had to have this certain ‘wow’ effect, and I am proud to say that after much hard work, we’ve finally achieved that. Both our tequila and packaging are a declaration of love to Mexico, its spirits and its culture.”

Padre Azul had a soft launch in Georgia and Florida last year and is looking forward to expanding across the United States. “We are excited to continue to grow in the U.S., which was the next natural market for us,” says HP Eder. “We can’t wait to share our special product with the rest of the country.”

Red Pepper Padre recipe


  • 2 oz. Padre Azul Blanco Tequila
  • 3-4 strips of red bell pepper
  • Black pepper
  • .75 oz. orange liqueur
  • 1 oz fresh lime juice
  • .5 oz. simple syrup

Muddle Padre Azul Blanco tequila with red bell pepper strips and black pepper. Mix ingredients remaining ingredients. Shake, strain twice. Pour into coupe glass.


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Follow Padre Azul on Instagram at @padreazul.tequila, on Twitter at @padreazul_com and Facebook at PadreAzul.tequila.

SRP: Padre Azul Blanco – $75.00; Reposado – $85.00; Añejo – $99.00; available at local retailers in select states and online at



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