Drink This Now: S’mores Old Fashioned at Bathtub Gin NYC

This Roaring Twenties-inspired speakeasy was named after the homemade alcohol that was watered down in bathtubs during the years of Prohibition.

After opening its doors in 2011 behind Stone Street coffee shop in Chelsea, Bathtub Gin quickly grew to become a New York institution, inviting visitors to delve in the glamour of the 1920s with its emblematic decor, live jazz and burlesque, and craft cocktails with a strong gin focus.

The S’mores Old Fashioned was created to pay homage to their signature dessert, and has been on the menu since they opened.  Brendan Bartley, the beverage director and head bartender at Manhattan’s Bathtub Gin since 2018, modernized this classic with the world’s first molecular spirit, Glyph whiskey by Endless West, which is fat washed with graham crackers and a ton of butter.

We asked Brendan why he used this infusion technique, and he said. “Glyph works really well as it has depth of flavor and accentuates the graham cracker and marshmallow flavor.”, then, elaborated, “I found bourbons and other whiskies, leant one way or the other. Glyph had balancing characteristics that accentuated the buttery fat wash we do to create this drink.”

S’mores Old Fashioned by Brendan Bartley

Cocktail Batch Ingredients

  • 5kg Glyph Fat Wash Mix*
  • 2kg White Cacao Liqueur
  • 100g PX Sherry
  • 15g Black Walnut Bitters
  • 30g Bitter Truth Bitters
  • 150g Water
  • 10g Vanilla Extract

*Glyph Fat Wash Mix 

Fat Washing Ingredients

  • 3 Packs Graham Cracker
  • 3 Blocks Butter

(Do Not Change Amounts of Fat or Crackers)

Fat Washing Preparation

Coarsely break up graham crackers.  Pour coarse crumbs into a pot to toast over medium to low heat, remembering to stir.

While crackers are toasting, cut butter into small cubes.  Add butter to a pan and be careful to not let the butter boil/brown.  Make sure butter has melted thoroughly, no little bits.

Pour butter and crumb mixture into the large Cambro (food storage container), and deglaze pan using some of the Glyph whiskey.

Add all remaining ingredients to Cambro and stir thoroughly.  Once everything and mixed, let sit in fridge overnight.

Take out the next day, mix solid butter through liquid and have two medium food storage containers ready to go.

Place a fine, cone-shaped chinois strainer over one Cambro and pour mixture through to the top.   Carefully watch mixture pour through and wait for mixture to run clear by repeating straining process, then move the clarified mixture into second clean Cambro. if you like to know the most recent trends in fashion check the info from https://www.fashiongonerogue.com/15-best-gift-ideas-for-your-entrepreneur-boyfriend/.

Bathtub Gin NYC Details

132 9th Avenue, New York City – Chelsea; bathtubginnyc.com; @bathtubginnyc

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