Stray Dog Gin & Tonic Recipes To Enjoy For National Gin & Tonic Day On April 9th

The Gin & Tonic has become one of the world’s most popular simple cocktails, the G&T is so beloved that there is an entire day dedicated to it in the U.S. on April 9th aka National Gin & Tonic Day. It is believed that the original G&T was crafted as an anti-malarial treatment as a more palatable way to get people to ingest quinine, especially the British troops in India in the 1800s. While the Gin & Tonic has been a popular cocktail in Europe, especially the U.K. and Spain, we have been seeing demand grow here in the U.S. with the influx of premium tonic drinks and a rise in interest of Gin.

We spoke to Johnny Livanos, Founder of Stray Dog Gin, about why the Gin & Tonic become popular in the U.S.

“Gin & Tonics are getting more popular because there are such a variety of ways to drink them,” explains Livanos. “With a rise of craft gins on the market, consumers have so many variations they can enjoy between using different gins, tonics, and also garnishes.  I think that also, people enjoy clear spirits but are looking for things more flavorful than a vodka-soda-lime mix.

Gin and tonics gives you the ability to have a well-rounded, flavorful and refreshing drink without too many steps and are easy to make for everyone.”

Stray Dog Wild Gin invites you to try these Gin and Tonics created by talented bartenders or to put your own spin on the G&T with Stray Dog Wild Gin at home.

Stray Dog Wild Gin & Tonic Signature Serve

  • 2 oz Stray Dog wild gin
  • 1 bottle premium tonic water
  • Sage leaf garnish (slapped)

Build in a balloon shaped goblet. Slap the sage by putting the sage leaf in your hand and clap to release the flavor. The larger the leaf, the stronger the aroma – so make yours your own.

“Aegean-Tea” by Beverage Director, Lou Charbonneau, at Committee in Boston, MA

Photo cred Heather Saide
  • 2 oz Stray Dog Gin
  • 3 drops Citric Acid*
  • 2 bar spoons Pickled Kritamo Brine**
  • 5 oz Mediterranean Style Tonic

Build in a goblet glass, add: Stray Dog, Citric Acid and Kritamo Brine. Add ice and top with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Stir gently to incorporate. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and dehydrated lemon.

*Citric Acid Solution – Mix 10g Citric Acid with 100g Water. Stir to dissolve & put in dropper bottle.

**Pickled Kritamo (also called Sea Fennel or Rock Samphire) may commonly be found at specialty food shops or ordered online.

“Dragon G&T” by Melissa Lapido – @melis_boozy_cure

  • 2 oz Stray Dog Gin
  • Fresh lime juice squeeze
  • 4 Chunks of pink dragon fruit (muddled & fine strained)
  • 1/2 oz Lillet Blanc
  • Dash – Rose water
  • Top off with tonic water
  • Garnish ~ Rose, white dragon fruit & baby’s breath

“Twilight” by Alexandros Efstratiadis – @Cocktail.Alchemists

  • 50 ml sage infused Stray Dog Gin
  • 15 ml fine orange champagne liqueur
  • 15 ml lavender liqueur
  • 2 dashes olive bitters
  • 2 dashes thyme bitters
  • Top up Aegean tonic

Shake all ingredients together and fine strain into ice filled highball / collins glass. Top up with the tonic and garnish with sage & edible flowers.

“All The Small Things” by Rami Lavy – @RamiTheMixologist

  • 2 oz Stray Dog Gin
  • Kumquats / kiwiberries
  • Tonic Water
  • Dehydrated Lime, Thyme & Sage

Build in a highball glass over large ice cubes, add slices of kumquats and kiwi-berries, top with tonic water, add Stray Dog Gin and garnish with dehydrated lime, thyme, and sage.

Gin & Tonic by Michele Alfonso – @Liquid_Talent

  • 2 oz Stray Dog Gin
  • Premium Mediterranean Style Tonic
  • Lime Wheel
  • Rosemary

“Peppercorn G&T” by Ginny Landt – @GinBeforeBreakfast

  • 1.5 oz Stray Dog Gin
  • 3 oz tonic water
  • Grind of black pepper
  • Lemon wheel dotted with peppercorn

Build in a collins glass over ice.

For more information on Stray Dog Wild Gin, visit, follow them on social media @StrayDogGin and to purchase Stray Dog Wild Gin click HERE


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