The Tahona Society Competition Global Final 2023 Awards $50,000 to Green Apple Project from Colombia

The Tahona Society presented by Altos Tequila wrapped up its third edition in Guadalajara, Mexico and we had the opportunity to be part of one of the most impactful bartender competitions in the global beverage industry. The Tahona Society Competition  reimagines the idea of what a bartender competition can be by empowering the entrepreneurial spirit while focusing on sustainability and social welfare.

For the third edition, Tahona Society made a global call for entries from bartenders to pitch their sustainable/welfare focused business initiative, 12 finalists from around the world were chosen to present their concept at the Tahona Society Competition Global Final in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 26th-29th June to the expert panel of judges. Green Apple Foundation, a glass recycling project based in Cartagena, Colombia was selected as the overall winner, receiving $50,000 to fund their project.

Spearheaded by Jenny Teasdale and Jeffrey Garcia’s winning project, Green Apple: Zero Glass Waste Cartagena, aims to change the perception of glass waste, create jobs in the local community and encourage bars to recycle in a city where this has historically been borderline impossible. Using the $50,000 prize fund, Green Apple Foundation will build a new recycling centre in Cartagena in order to make glass recycling more widely available than ever before and unite the city’s bars in taking the next step towards a more sustainable future for the local community – and beyond.

Tahona Society 2023 – Personal Perspectives by the Insiders

Green Apple Foundation – The Tahona Society Competition 2023 Winners

The Tahona Society competition is unique in the bar industry, recognising the broader, deeper needs and desires of bartenders in making the world a better place.  It was wonderful to meet so many smart, driven finalists from across the world. We were all supporting each other and I know there will be collaboration as a result of bringing us together for such an incredible week of competition and celebration.

Michael Merolli – CEO of House of Tequila & Judge

Tahona Society is probably one of the initiatives that I am the proudest of as being the perfect illustration of what we want to stand for at House of Tequila : we are a team of very engaged people promoting wonderful Mexican spirits brands with a strong commitment to sustainability to have a real impact on the communities around us.

For the edition of Tahona Society 2023, I was really amazed by the high quality of the projects presented by the 12 participating bartenders teams coming from 12 different countries. All projects were very exciting with a clear objective for all to contribute tangibly to a more sustainable hospitality industry. It was an outstanding competition and also a wonderful convivial event with a lot of valuable human connections that will last more than one week in Guadalajara.

Carlos Ramirez – Tahona Society Global Advocacy & PR Manager

The Tahona Society Competition 2023 is unique beacuse it represents all of our brand values and our true efforts to improve the bartenders life and making a more sustaianle hospitality industry.

Dre Masso Co-Founder Altos Tequila & Judge

The Tahona Society and its Positive Impact competition stands out to me as a project I take immense pride in being involved with. Not only does it provide a platform for our incredible community to explore innovative ways of enhancing the bar industry, but it also offers a substantial cash prize to support the winners in kick-starting their initiatives. Witnessing the dedication and passion displayed by participants, I can confidently say that we all leave this experience feeling inspired and motivated to go above and beyond in our future endeavours.

Christine Wiseman: Beverage Director of BarLab and 50 Best North America’s Altos’ Bartenders’ Bartender 2023

It was an honor to be a side line observer in the global finals. There was so much inspiration along the way and to see what people are doing in every corner of the world gives me hope that we will continue to push the needle to do whats right. Thank you Altos and the Tahona Society for including me!

Kiren Miret Judge & Producer

The Tahona Society is the meeting point between entrepreneurship, fun and adrenaline.

Final Thoughts from Tara Fougner, CEO & Co-Founder of Thirsty Media

Having the opportunity to experience The Tahona Society Global Finals in Guadalajara was truly extraordinary. Unlike typical bartender competitions, this had nothing to do with cocktails or skills behind the bar. Instead, celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit while inspiring and empowering those in the industry who are focused on making much needed progress in sustainability and social welfare in the bar world.  After being with the 12 global finalist teams and hearing their pitches, I am super glad I was not a judge because there were so many tremendous projects presented on the finale stage. While I give massive congratulations to Jenny Teasdale and Jeffrey Garcia for their Green Apple project, I truly believe all those finalists left as better people, leaders and entrepreneurs each taking something for themselves back home.

Beyond The Tahona Society Competition aspect, which of course was the main event, I want the industry at large to know a bit more about the heart behind this program. From the moment we arrived in Mexico, The Tahona Society and House of Tequila truly wanted each of their guests to become immersed in both the platform – exchanging ideas, making connections, sharing resources – all while also being fully immersed in Mexican culture through the lens of Altos Tequila. While the mission and purpose of The Tahona Society are extremely important with very serious goals for the implications of the future of the bar world, everyone behind the brand continuously reminded us all that while there could only be one winner, we all won a once in a lifetime opportunity to be together and present rather than only focussed on the competition. We were all encouraged to have fun, live in the moment, enjoy each other’s company and that we did creating our own special community who will forever share the memories of our time together with The Tahona Society 2023. I could not more strongly recommend that all bartends get involved in this program year long. ALLLLLLLLLLTOOS!

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