Tales of the New York Cocktail

We are having serious withdrawal of our favorite event of the year, Tales of the Cocktail, and the incredible city of New Orleans.

This year seemed especially special for some reason. Perhaps it was the many, many amazing cocktails or just because we needed a few days out of the concrete jungle.  I truly think it was just the energy and the MANY genuine smiles all around,   This was my 7th year at Tales and it truly was my favorite as the event just gets better and better. As my bartender and industry friends continue to grow and thrive in the hospitality world, it makes me incredible proud to be part of it and prouder to know them.

At the annual Spirited Awards hosted by the one and only, Simon Ford (The 86. Co.) New York took many of the top honors (brush your shoulders off!)

Here are some of the notables from our great city:

  • Ivy Mix – American Bartender of the Year
    • Very much deserved, not only did she open one of the coolest new bars on the scene, Leyenda, with Julie Reiner, but she is a philanthropist and industry lead as founding partner and operator of Speed Rack
  • Employees Only – Best American Bar Team & Best American High Volume Bar
    • Boys, you know how much I love you. Thanks for being the best of the best! See you soon fellas to watch you slang lots and lots of cocktails.
  • The Dead Rabbit – World’s Best Cocktail Menu & World’s Best Bar
    • What else can we say: we love you, you’re perfect, don’t change.
  • Extra Fancy – Bar Fight People’s Choice
    • Ok, so this wasn’t a Spirited Award but it was our favorite night and hosted by the cool kids at The 86 Co. so we might be biased.  Also, Extra Fancy will always hold a special place (because of it, I permanently bonded my sister from another mister and partner in crime, Stef Cesari over Wolffer Rosé Cider) and it is home to my lil pride & joy Bar Star, Meaghan Montagano. Ok, Rob Krueger, you’re the homie too.

Super special thanks to Caitlin LuBell and Nicholas Fuiellette for being incredible hosts and keeping our champagne flutes full throughout the evening.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not thank “Mrs. and Mr. Cocktail,” Ann and Paul Tunnerman, for continuing to make this event a special home to celebrate the industry.

See everyone next year in New Orleans!

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