The USBG Perfectionists sponsored by PATRÓN tequila is back!  Bartenders from across 19 countries have started embarking on their Perfectionists journey toward the chance to attend the global finals at Hacienda PATRÓN in Jalisco, Mexico with entries open through October 7th.  The USBG Perfectionists by PATRÓN tequila is an exciting opportunity for bartenders to test themselves, expand their knowledge, showcase their talents and make meaningful connections in the industry. With this year’s edition bringing a whole new education platform to the program, bartenders can benefit from further experiences and opportunities. We do understand that there are many personal reasons why some bartenders might be on the fence about entering.  So we spoke to Perfectionists insiders and asked them why they feel bartenders should take part on this program and what makes the USBG Perfectionists by PATRÓN tequila so very special and unique from other cocktail competitions and bartending programs. One more week to enter and take what many previous contestants and PATRÓN education contributors refer to as a life-changing experience!

Insiders talk the USBG Perfectionists by PATRÓN tequila

Krystal “KG” Garner, PATRÓN Ambassador, Atlanta, and educator on the Perfectionists program

I’m a huge advocate of the motto ‘you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’. You have to take a chance on yourself, and I know so many talented bartenders that hesitate. There’s so much opportunity with USBG Perfectionists to expand your cocktail knowledge, creativity to think outside the box and enhance your network globally. Like my great friend Sam Jimenez likes to say, “one way to guarantee you never get selected is to never submit in the first place!” We are here with an opportunity of a lifetime. I remember when I walked into Hacienda PATRÓN, the aroma of baked agave, the prim@s welcoming me into the family and the warm feeling of being home – there’s truly nothing like it. Creating cocktails at the Copper Bar and singing karaoke into the night, I would love for every bartender to experience. You can, all it takes is that one submission to open a world of possibilities!

Harrison Kenney, 2021-2022 Perfectionists Global Winner, Australia

To everyone thinking about entering the Perfectionist, I urge you all to enter. Not only did PATRÓN give me the ability to flex my creative muscle, it allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals around the world, who I consider to be my close friends today. Hacienda PATRÓN gave me a stage/platform to add my voice to the wonderful world of hospitality, and in turn presented me with not only career changing but life changing opportunities. The world is now and infinitely smaller place, get amongst it, be a part of this amazing community. The trip at the Hacienda for the global finals has been one of the most incredible of my life. We spent an entire week singing and dancing, laughing, and crying (happy tears). It’s like being a part of a bar team at first, then you realize you’ve made close friends and family for life.

Now, I just can’t wait to embark on the journey to be a judge at some of the upcoming national finals and at Hacienda PATRÓN for the global finals. It’s going to be such an inspiration to meet the finalists and grow the PATRÓN family!

Steven Gonzalez, 2021-2022 Perfectionists National Winner, US

My experience with the Perfectionists is nothing short of magical. I never thought I could win such a prestigious cocktail competition. Entering was the best decision I have ever made in my long hospitality career. None of my previous competition experiences have been as meaningful and special as the Perfectionists. I had the chance to fly to Hacienda PATRÓN. Everyone I met there made me feel like a million bucks, and essentially, they have all become my PATRÓN family. Every time I talk about how much my life has transformed after being crowned the 2021 National USA Champion I cannot stop smiling, and an immense feeling of elation fills my heart. I now have friends all over the world who I cannot wait to visit at one point or another, and with some of whom I have already shared time overseas. 

My career too has reached new heights. I get to take part in PATRÓN events, to share my experience with the US bar community. Many fellow bartenders ask me for advice to enter the Perfectionists; and some of my friends even tell me, that I am the reason why they are entering. Since winning the US finals, I have received several opportunities to work with PATRÓN to showcase and share my cocktail and my story at events, which was not only fun but was also a great opportunity to network and raise my bartender profile. This has led to work also on other great industry projects. I used to think that cocktail competitions tended all to be the same, with the same bars and people taking the top spots, but the Perfectionists changed this perception.

I am still on cloud nine and I believe that dreaming costs nothing so do not stop dreaming: one cocktail could change your life and bring you immense joy when your name is announced as the winner. This is your chance!

Ana Martorell, Chef and Founder of Aida restaurant in Mexico City and OXA Cocina única in San Ángel, Educator on the Perfectionists program

All my life and career are driven by the love of Mexican flavors and I had the chance to share a taste of these with the bartenders taking part in the Discovering Deliciousness educational module. Tequila is part of our Mexican identity and culture and is so much more than a liquid. Tasting and understanding tequila truly gives you a chance to delve into Mexico’s history, its land and its people. When you enter the world of Tequila through the Perfectionists you discover so many other flavors and rituals that are characteristics of our rich gastronomic tradition.

This is why I loved sharing ingredients, combinations and techniques that blend PATRÓN tequila with other iconic Mexican recipes – for example Hoja Santa or even a cocktail I made myself, the Patrónic al Pastor, which brings together a simply delicious drink such as PATRÓN and tonic water with the mix of the famous tacos al pastor. Entering the program is a magical opportunity to discover and get inspired. Plus, if you take part in the cocktail competition you really are up for a lifechanging experience. One that takes you to smell and taste agave on the ground, to taste the most beautiful and flavorsome food and share moments with the people who continue our tradition by making wonderful tequila. This is about savoring Mexico, so even if you don’t win the contest, you win anyway.

Lauren Mote, Global Director of On-Trade Excellence for PATRÓN tequila

Education has always been a predominant value and driver throughout my career in the drinks industry. I have had the chance to join the PATRÓN team at a very exciting time to further empower the Perfectionists program and its participants. We’ve worked to elevate the education ecosystem and support bartenders throughout their journey with leading professionals sharing their knowledge and expertise on the multiple aspects that make mixology, tequila and Mexican culture so exciting these days. The Perfectionists program is not just about striving in a cocktail competition. It’s a great opportunity to access a broader set of resources and people that can foster your personal and professional growth. In the past few months, I have met incredibly passionate bartenders from all over the world who have become friends during the Perfectionists journey and now connect on a daily basis to inspire each other, sharing their ideas and experiences, no matter where they are. Entering the Perfectionists program means more than putting your creativity to test and competing. It makes you part of a global family that broadens your horizons and opportunities. This is what a lifechanging experience is to me.”

Roberto Nunez Moreno, PATRÓN Programs & Education Specialist 

The Perfectionists program changed my life. It is impressive how one small decision can have a huge impact. Last year, I entered the competition as Boston-based bartender and made it through to the US national finals. I didn’t win the finals, but I won the prize of continuing my career with PATRÓN. That small decision to enter led me to my current role as PATRÓN Programs & Education Specialist.  Now I have the privilege of sharing my passion for Tequila and for México with so many talented bartenders across the US and beyond. I recently contributed to one of the Perfectionists educational modules, Discovering Deliciousness, to talk about some of the Mexican flavors and ingredients to pair with Tequila, from fruits such as zapote negro to ciruela. I believe bartenders around the world can relate to my story, not just because they discover new ingredients but because they have the opportunity to infuse their personal flavors and stories in their own PATRÓN cocktails. I am proof that the Perfectionists positively influences the life of everyone who joins and becomes part of this family. Of course, it matters if you become a National Champion or a Global Winner, but the simple fact that you join the competition should be enjoyed and celebrated. As it is said among marathon runners, “we are here for the journey”, and the people who run a marathon are closer to becoming a champion than the people who do not run. It’s about challenging yourself, understanding and overcoming your limits. It makes you a better bartender.


Enter the USBG Perfectionists by PATRÓN tequila now through 23:59 GMT October 7th, 2022 at 7:59PM EST / 11:59 GMT via the entry portal

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