The Dating Tips Everyone Needs for 2023

Dating can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. While being online makes it easier to meet people, it’s important to make connections IRL, too.

Enter First Round’s on Me, the revolutionary new dating app founded by Joe Feminella that helps singles meet offline and in person. With First Round’s on Me (“FROME”), the idea is to get off the phone and get together in person. “We want to encourage people to be more confident in themselves and their quest for companionship through face-to-face interactions,” reads a mission statement on the website. With FROME, you can only focus on one connection at a time, which is meant to make for a more meaningful experience. Users are encouraged to set a date to meet  upon matching, with the app allowing for either “Available Today” or “Available This Week” which allows users to set a within the next seven days.

The messaging feature won’t work until six hours before the appointed date time, which cuts out the mindless back and forth — saving the “getting to know you faze” for the in person meeting.

Available on the Apple or Google Play stores, find out more and download First Round’s On Me here.

Below are some tips from Feminella about how to be a successful dater in 2023.

Be yourself

A lot of times when we go on a date or meet someone for the first time, we tend to try and become a version of what we think the other person would want and try and act like the “best” version of ourselves. Though that seems ideal and you want to be on “your game” to make a great first impression, if you aren’t your true self from the get go, it will not allow you to see if this is truly someone you can have a long lasting relationship with (if that is what you want). Eventually your true self will come out if you continue to see each other.  I’m sure your true self is amazing, but it is not who that person thought they were getting to know. Also, if you feel comfortable being your true self on a date that is such a green flag.

Don’t lower your standards

We often hear people say “am I being too picky?” or “maybe I am looking for something that is unrealistic”, that is so not true. You should try and find someone that is going to treat you with respect and put the same effort and value into the relationship as you are. Try and find someone who levels up instead of lowering your standards and ultimately settle. When you find what you are looking for it is such a beautiful experience.

Be honest

Dating is very broad and a lot of people are on very different paths in life, when you meet someone new, try and be as open and honest as you can from the jump, because this will quell a lot of disappointment and misunderstanding. I am not saying tell someone on a first date that you are looking to get married or that you are looking for a one night stand, but I would recommend that you share that you are open to finding the right partner, or if you have a lot going on in your life and are looking for something more casual, honestly is always key. And it’s not just for a first date, if you are seeing someone a few times and it starts to get serious, don’t lead that person on when it comes to the questions of if you want kids, where you want to live. Honesty will always help in the long run!

Make dates fun

First dates can be so intimidating and we put so much pressure on them. The reason we started First Round’s On Me was to help make in person connections easy (and fun!). If things are going well on your date, of course continue enjoying your time together and see how you feel, and if you don’t feel a connection, you always have the option to finish your date early and say you have plans to meet a friend.

Show genuine interest

The worst thing on a first date is when someone talks about themselves the entire time, or is not truly paying attention to the other person. What is the point of going out with someone if you have no real interest in getting to know them? Even if you know it’s not something you see going past a first date, why not show that person the respect of listening to them and paying attention to what they have to say.  The more you get to know someone, the easier it is to know whether you want to see them again or not. Worst case scenario you have an interesting conversation!

To learn more about First Round’s on Me and to download the app, visit

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