Thirsty Teens Choose Bud Light, Jack Daniels for Binge Drinking

What would you expect teenagers to binge drink? Bud Light, naturally. In a new study by Boston University and Johns Hopkins researchers, a thousand 13 – 20-year olds were asked about their alcoholic beverage of choice, and not surprisingly, the watered-down beer had the most devoted fans. [Note: we definitely drank a lot of it in high school, too.]

After Bud Light, underage drinkers opted to get sloshed on Jack Daniels, followed by Smirnoff Ice, Four Loko, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Bacardi and Hennessy. The moral of the story: kids most certainly have a strong sense of brand loyalty, leaving the authors to wonder whether “there could be messages in their marketing efforts that are encouraging the use of these not just by youths but also in excess.”

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