Thirsty Pro-Tips To Tales Of The Cocktail 2019

It is that time of year again when the bar industry descends upon New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail!  Founded in 2002, this New Orleans based event has become one of the most anticipated and important cocktail festivals in the world. Some of the biggest and brightest stars of the bar and booze industry converge on a few small square miles around the French Quarter for seminars, tasting rooms, special events and of course, plenty of cocktails. Here are Thirsty Pro-Tips to Tales of the Cocktail 2019

This year, as prepare to head to TOTOC, we are all watching and waiting to see how Tropical Storm Barry affects the great city of New Orleans, please keep the city and all those affected by the storm in our thoughts and be mindful of the weather.

We look forward to seeing many of our friends & family down there and will covering all things TOTC – so follow Thirsty on IG – @thirsty

Thirsty Pro-Tips to Tales of the Cocktail 2019

  1. GAMEPLAN: Go with a gameplan, there is SO much to do down there that it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Plan ahead with events you want to attend and give in to inevitable deviation if and when you want.
  2. PRIORITIZE: Keeping #1 in mind, understand that it is impossible to do everything. Rank your priorities and don’t stress trying to hit it all.
  3. HYDRATE: You will hear this over and over again, if you see water, drink it and if you don’t see it, find it often! … but remember it is New Orleans in July so you need to HYDRATE as much as possible. Water is LIFE!
  4. PACE: Do not feel pressure to finish finish every drink you sample. Taste, taste, tastes as much as you can to learn about new flavors, trends, techniques and spirits, but there is always another cocktail around the corner. Pace yourself!
  5. CHARGE: Our phones are our lifelines, make sure you keep your phone fully charged up when you start your day. Carry your charger, cord and any external battery packs, you never want to miss a chance to do it for the Gram, exchange phone numbers with a new industry contact and have access to safely call an car, friend or look at your phone to map directions.
  6. HELLO: Don’t be shy to introduce yourself to industry folks you might recognize from the media, OG’s whom you’ve long admired, someone you saw at an event or someone you know from social media IRL. Pack plenty of business cards and don’t be shy to ask for someone’s … also a good way to remember names.
  7. FASHUN: Dress appropriately, it is July in New Orleans which means weather calls for 100% chance of intense heat, extreme humidity and this year we have a serious likelihood of rain and flooding. Pack light, flowy clothes, be prepared to change outfits more than once a day due to sweat or rain and for reals, ditch the business suits & blazers. Also, there will be a lot of walking, so wear slip resistant shoes for women (ditch the heels) and be prepared to TOSS any shoes that you bring down to NOLA.
  8. EAT: New Orleans is a global culinary treasure, so make sure to experience as much of the incredible food as possible. Don’t stress calories, carbs or grease, you will need it all to power you and soak up the booze.
  9. MAINTAIN: Yes, we encourage tasting and imbibing as a key to Tales, but hold your liquor and know when to tap out and call it. Although the phrase “happens to the best of us” holds true, don’t taint your experience or reputation by turning “gettin turnt” into being an embarrassment.
  10. SAFETY: PLEASE LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER! Although Tales of the Cocktail is an incredible celebration full of positivity and camaraderie, there are undeniable dark sides of alcohol and late night revelry. Do not walk alone, especially down empty streets, and be aware of your surroundings. Super IMPORTANT to make sure you use the buddy system and do a safety check in at the end of the night. Do not be a bystander, if you see something, say something! If someone looks like they are in trouble, safely find a way to help them.


  • Pack or consider ordering items that tend to run out at convenience stores (cough, pedialyte via Amazon Prime)
  • Bring rain boots this year and consider a poncho
  • Download the Tales of the Cocktail app and follow @tales_of_the_cocktail
  • With the weather on our minds, please do NOT bring up devastating Hurricanes in New Orleans (or otherwise) as it might potentially trigger folks who have suffered
  • Make sure to RSVP and arrive EARLY for events that you want to attend, especially the big portfolio parties as those get full to capacity very quickly
  • If you did RSVP for an intimate event and can no longer make it, respectfully contact the organizer as far in advance as possible so they can try to fill the slot
  • Pack a few ziplocks for your phone in case you get caught in a torrential downpour
  • Support local the local businesses of New Orleans as often as possible and soak in as much culture as you can
  • Golden Rule – DON’T BE A DICK! Kindness and respect above all else.

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