East Village bars now offering half-size cocktails

Sometimes you go out with friends and just aren’t sure if you want a whole drink. Or maybe you just want to try something new, but are worried you may not like it.

Many NYC wine bars, including Terroir, offer guests the option of a half glass. And in our experience, if you ask nice, most bartenders will do this. And half pints and beer flights are already popular around the city. Now, the New York Times discovers that a handful of downtown bars are actually selling half cocktails.

At the Alder, Chef Wylie Dufresne‘s spot on Second Avenue, customers can order cocktails in two sizes: “regular” and “short.” During weekend brunch, the Bloody Mary’s are all offered as “shorts” as well.

Meanwhile, at nearby Evelyn Drinkery the “spirited phosphates” (fancy house made sodas) are available in both “little” and “big” and Gin Palace a few blocks away also serves pint-sized servings of its draft gin-and-tonics upon request.

And for Denton, the mini-drink model is a win.

“I like the idea of having something that is not a full drink,” the Alder’s beverage director Kevin Denton tells the Times. “I see plenty of people who enjoy cocktails but only finish half, because they don’t have the constitution to drink it all.”


Alder, 157 Second Avenue (East 10th Street), 212-539-1900, aldernyc.com.

Evelyn Drinkery, 171 Avenue C (East 10th Street), 212-254-7772, evelynnyc.com.

Gin Palace, 95 Avenue A (East Sixth Street), 212-614-6818,ginpalaceny.com.

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