Tune-In Alert: Johnnie Walker Food Pairings Class with Andy Seymour and Liquid Productions

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Food and cocktails used to be a tough sell. Wine? No problem. But, even though so many of us love cocktails, getting guests to think about them specifically alongside food came across as a reach.

The good news is that seems to be evolving. Changing habits for eating and drinking (thanks, pandemic?!) plus corresponding moves from operators to encourage those new habits and boost traffic has made a noticeable impact.  Cocktail and food pairings have become one of the bigger trends in the bar and restaurant business of late – with research showing up to 49% of guests who are dining out are looking to enjoy food and cocktails together.

That’s why Johnnie Walker has once again partnered with Thirsty and Liquid Productions to host a livestream event to discuss innovative ways to incorporate cocktail and food pairings into your business. Taking place online on Tuesday, February 23rd at 8pm EST, industry veteran Andy Seymour will lead the seminar. During the informative online lesson, Seymour will showcase best practices for creating custom food and cocktail pairing menus, hosting themed cocktail and food pairing dinners, along with live cooking and cocktail prep demonstrations  – highlighting unique ways to incorporate Johnnie Walker whiskies and Highballs into both food and drink menus.

Offering creative, fun and engaging food pairings is a win for all involved. Guests get an upgraded experience that subtly deepens their understanding of flavor profiles and opens the door for new cocktail offering from their favorite bars and bartenders.  From the account side, there is the opportunity showcase creativity and increase customer loyalty, while delivering more to the bottom line.

“I love restaurants where you can see the chef is involved with the bar program and it makes so much sense!  Chefs study and know all the things us bartenders say we know (ha!), like flavor profiles, seasonality and how to maximize ingredients. Collaboration of bar and food programs is a great way to not only make a better overall program, but provide elevated guest encounters  and drive extra sales”, says Liquid Production’s Andy Seymour, who will be leading the live-streamed class. “It is fantastic way to create a more memorable experience all the way around.”

Cocktail and Food Pairings can live as stand-alone items on a menu, or be incorporated into a multi-course pairing meal with pre-set menus, and deep dives into cocktails and garnishes. Class details and RSVP link below.

Join Andy Seymour and the Liquid Productions team for an in-depth discussion of innovative ways to incorporate cocktail and food pairings to boost traffic, increase customer loyalty, and drive top and bottom-line revenue.

Seymour and the team will showcase best practices for creating custom food and cocktail pairing menus, hosting themed cocktail and food pairing dinners, along with live cooking and cocktail prep demonstrations – showcasing unique ways to incorporate Johnnie Walker whiskies and Highballs into both food and drink menus.

For additional information, or to RSVP visit: www.JohnnieWalker.com/TradeLabs 

21+ please. Drink responsibly. Diageo, New York, NY

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