VEZA SUR: Where to Celebrate International Beer Day in Miami

International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August at pubs and breweries –or both, such as the Latin-rooted/Miami-born boutique craft brewery, VEZA SUR [ve-sah-soor], located in the Wynwood Art District.  This go-to destination for beer-lovers honors the craft of great beer while expanding the brewery experience with the Chopp [schoh-pee] – a Brazilian-style cerveja (Portuguese for beer).


The Chopp is a light lager beer that is served slightly below the freezing point, and poured leaving a large, creamy head of foam.  Typically enjoyed in hot tropical climates, the foam acts as a thermal insulator, and protects the cold Chopp from becoming warm too quickly.

Enjoy VEZA SUR Brewing Co.’s excellent selections of brews and great tasting beer cocktails, at the bar or in the beer garden.

Craft Beers at VEZA SUR

Lulo Sour


A refreshing Colombian-style sour beer that surprises with a boost of fruity aromas. It starts fruity-sweet and then turns into a slightly tart and sour finish.  ABV 3.8% / IBU 12

El Gaucho Raucho


Inspired by the famous Rauchbiers from Bamberg in Germany; tastes like candied bacon in a pint -thanks to the local twist from the Miami Smokers.   ABV 5.7% / IBU 25

Gator Ale Oak Aged


Aged in Oak barrels, this ale has spicy, with notes of vanilla and butterscotch, and a creamy mouthfeel from the oak tannins.  ABV 9.2% / IBU 24

Arroz con Mango


An aromatic Strong ale brewed with Rice Flakes, Mango, Ginger and Habanero, and, with a warming aftertaste.  ABV 10.8% /IBU 22

Beer Cocktails at VEZA SUR

Shoot the Moon


Easy-to-drink; Guava Sour mixed with Fresh Florida Citrus, House Brewed Campari, and Mint.



Extra spicy; Latin Lager mixed with Buffalo Hot Sauce, Lime Juice, and Tajin.

VEZA SUR Brewing Co. Details

55 NW 25th Street (Wynwood), Miami; @VEZASUR

Hours: Daily from 12pm to 12am

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