VieVité Rosé: thirsty’s Go-To Rosé for the Holidays

Nothing helps get you through the holiday season like a nice bottle of wine. While many think of robust reds when the temperatures fall, VieVité Rosé offers two expressions that prove rosé all day should not be relegated to summer months.

And as the holiday season approaches, we are all about #alldayVieVité rosé. One of the most versatile types of wine, a nice dry rosé goes well with a very wide range of holiday dishes and winter favorites like lamb, turkey, and winter squash, as it has got acidity (to cut through heftiness) and fruit (to complement earthiness); it is pretty much the perfect “meet me halfway” crowdpleaser.

Co-founded by husband and wife team Tunch and Aylin Doker of Turquoise Life Beverages, VieVité Rosé is a special wine, and one that can be enjoyed long after summer is over and the holiday season approaches, especially as a welcome addition to any festive feast!

“Most people would be surprised to know that Provence rosé, especially VieVité pairs exceptionally well with a myriad of classic holiday dishes,” explains Aylin Doker. “The rich flavors are bold enough to stand up to roasted turkey (my personal favorite), dishes with creamy sauces, and cuisines that use flavorful spices.”

VieVité Rosé offers two expressions both masterfully produced at Domaine Sainte Marie in the highly acclaimed Côtes de Provence region of France: the fresh and delicate VieVité and the limited cask VieVité Extraordinaire, sourced from older, time-tested vines. Both exceptional expressions of Provencal Rosé wine pride themselves on their unique vinicultural history, with the wines exemplifying the rare and old Grenache vines from which they are harvested.

A historic area sitting along the Mediterranean coast, Provence is bordered by the Rhone River to the west and the Côte d’Azur on the east, and has been a top wine-making region for over 2,600 years, with a strong focus on rosé; in fact, 88% of the wine produced there is rosé.

As one of the leading wines within the esteemed portfolio of Turquoise Life Beverage Brands, VieVité (pronounced Vee-Veetay) is produced from grapevines averaging 25-years old – VieVité rosé vineyard’s wine production dates back to the 18th century and has been highly celebrated for their true representation of Provencal-style rosé wines – located in the highly acclaimed Côtes de Provence region of France, and offers a fresh and delicate aroma of cherries and strawberries coupled with notes of spice to create a satisfying sensation on the palate with a forward fruit nose of peach, grape and apricot.

VieVité Extraordinaire is sourced from 80-year grapevines and produced in smaller quantities, capturing the attention of true rosé connoisseurs for its opulent fruit flavors and exuberant panache. This deliciously vibrant rosé delights with its intense and well-balanced fruit flavors, dominant with strawberries and berries, and structured with an intensity that highlights the old vines it is made from.

“With so many rosés available, VieVité is distinctly modern while steeped in rich Provence heritage,” Aylin says. “VieVité comes from Domaine Sainte Marie, which produces some of the most beautiful expressions of rosé in the Provence region and dates back to 1884. The blend of four traditional Provence grapes – grenache, syrah, cinsault and carignan – produce a beautiful and luscious rosé with expressive, fruit-forward flavors.”

The striking bottle shape is uniquely modern and offers a unique rosé experience for those who drink pink year-round, raves Aylin.

“Not only is VieVité one of the highest rated Cotes de Provence rosés, but the packaging and presentation are quite impressive,” Aylin continues. “The sleek bottle and elegant label exude luxury making it the perfect gift to impress any wine lover on your list. If you’re looking for an elevated experience, the VieVité Extraordinaire in the black label is the premium reserve rosé made up of 80-year-old grenache vines. A truly extraordinary experience!”

Rosé wine has been gaining in popularity in the U.S. each year as more and more new wine drinkers are educated about the production methods used to make it; how the process of allowing the red skins of the grapes to macerate for a shortened amount of time gives it its signature hue. Not to be confused with the similarly colored White Zinfandel wine of years past, true Rosé wines are absent of an overly sweet taste, which allows their quality and flavors to shine.

Turquoise Life Beverage Brands offers both VieVité and VieVité Extraordinaire across the United States in fine restaurants and bars, luxury resorts and hotels as well as wine boutiques. VieVité is also available internationally in the Netherlands, Turkey, and Greece.

For something a little extra special this season, make VieVité your go-to holiday wine.


VieVité and VieVité Extraordinaire details

SRP: $19.99 & $29.99



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