Wanna Go To Cognac, France With Hennessy? Join The PDXCW My Way Challenge U.S.A.

From Portland Cocktail Week

✈️ The My Way 2021 U.S.A. Champion is going to France! ✈

Over the last 250+ years, people all over the world have enjoyed Hennessy their way. Now, Portland Cocktail Week wants to see Hennessyyourway. For the first time ever, bartenders from the US have the opportunity to show us how they make Hennessy their way — with a trip to Hennessy’s Maison IN COGNAC on the line!

My Way USA wants to know how you truly enjoy Hennessy- whether that’s a clean and simple cocktail that tells a story of time and place, or an experiment in personal expression – there’s no wrong way to create or celebrate a ritual with Hennessy.

Your challenge is to build an exquisite Hennessy cocktail that showcases your #hennessymyway ritual. Scores will be based not only on the quality of your submitted recipe, but will also consider your connection to the drink, the story you tell about its concept and execution and why you identify this preparation as #hennessymyway.

The creators of the top six Portland Cocktail Week presents: My Way Challenge U.S.A. cocktail submissions will be invited to showcase their cocktails and tell their stories on the Portland Cocktail Week Facebook page for our esteemed panel of judges. From the pool of six (6), one (1) will be crowned the Portland Cocktail Week presents: My Way 2021 U.S.A. Champion and will be awarded with a trip to The Maison Hennessy!

Jordan Bushell, Hennessy’s Global Brand Ambassador and Manager of Trade Advocacy, is setting you off on the journey to create your #hennessymyway submission with a Hennessy Master Class! You’ll learn everything there is to know about Hennessy and the My Way Challenge straight from the source, so tune in to facebook.com/pdxcw or youtube.com/pdxcw on Wednesday, May 12th at 2pm ET!

We’ll also be hosting office hours with the Hennessy Brand Ambassador team throughout May and June! You’ll be able to hop into Zoom and workshop your #hennessymyway ideas with your favorite members of Team Hennessy, where they’ll surely remind you at least once to Never Stop. Never Settle.

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