Escape the NYC Heat with These Cocktails at Nolita’s Kimika

Nolita’s Kimika opened in the summer of 2020 at the bottom of the Nolitan Hotel and has been making it’s mark on the neighborhood ever since with it’s signature Japanese-Italian blend. The unusual combination serves up delicious surprises like it’s wonton-esque pizzettes and sake martini’s that beautifully blend the unique flavors. Sometimes the best combinations are the least intuitive, and the play of opposites works both in the cooking and in the cocktails at Kimika.

To welcome it’s second summer, Kimika has rolled out refreshing new cocktails in the shape of the photogenic Loose Translation and Water Cooler which steal the show with their presentation. The cocktails don’t disappoint in their substance, providing a savory sweetness that makes them the perfect escape from NYC’s latest heat wave.
Finishing off an evening with their Soft Serve will give you a skip in your step on the way home, unless you’ve been tempted to stay for another cocktail or three.

The Loose Translation

Images: Evan Sung

Pierde almas mezcal, wray & nephew, chinola passion fruit liqueur, guave, and sesame

The Watermelon Cooler

Ten to one rum, aperol, watermelon, lemo, thai chili and lambrusco

The Vertical Dream

Italicus bergamtoo, salers, fino sherry and luxardo maraschino

Rose Colored Glasses

Cocchi rose, dolin blanc, makrut, house-made limoncello and fevertree usa club soda

The Shishitorita

Gran Centenario Plata, shishito, lime, mint, and yuzu foam

Kimika NYC details

40 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012; 212-256-9280;;

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