What to Drink at Red Dunn Kitchen at Detroit’s Trumbull & Porter Hotel

If you find yourself in Detroit – and you really should, considering its fast-growing F+B scene – a visit to the Trumbull & Porter Hotel owned by Leo Lee is a must. Located in the Motor City’s Corktown neighborhood, this boutique hotel has been newly renovated and now features its very own eatery, Red Dunn Kitchen.

Red Dunn Kitchen is helmed by chef Jay Gundy and showcases delicious American fare (think: savory hashes and Benedicts for breakfast, Parmesan Dill Popovers, Roasted Tomato and Avocado Tartate, and Green Eggs and Ham for lunch and dinner).

But since we are all about the drinks, it’s the creative cocktail menu, which includes a G&Teas menu, a collection of gin-based drinks curated by F+B Manager Dustin Walker, that really impressed us.

“I wanted every element of the hotel and restaurant to be distinctive and representative of our brand,” owner Leo Lee tells Thirsty. “There was no question that with his extensive knowledge of spirits, Dustin [Walker] would have the job of curating the cocktails.  His inventiveness and creativity draws patrons from all over and sets us apart from the saturated market of hotel bars claiming to have the most unique cocktails.”

Red Dunn Kitchen at Trumbull & Porter Hotel

Adds Dustin Walker: “Cocktails should be balanced and approachable; unique, but familiar. Each of the G&Teas cocktails is my own personal expression of classic gin recipes that are tried and true.”

Walker notes that “the herbs, citrus and botanical notes from the different gins were matched up and elevated by the corresponding teas.”

“When infusing our tea syrups, we only use natural turbinado sugar, which we believe adds a depth of flavor that processed white sugar cannot.”

The G&Teas Cocktails at Red Dunn Kitchen

Über Allies G&Teas

Uber Allies G&Teas at Red Dunn Kitchen Detroit

Nolet’s, lemon juice, camomile-yuzu-honey syrup

Touch of Grey G&Teas

Touch of Grey G&Teas at Red Dunn Kitchen Detroit

Two James Old Cockney, lemon juice, Creme Yvette, Earl Grey syrup and rosemary

Pimm and Palmer – G&Teas

Pimm and Palmer - G&Teas at Red Dunn Kitchen Detroit

Tanqueray No. 10, Pimms No 1, black tea syrup, lemon and tonic

Kasmir Fizz – G&Teas

Kasmir Fizz - G&Teas at Red Dunn Kitchen Detroit

Tanqueray rangpur, lime juice, chai syrup, egg white, soda nad cardamom

Green Dragon – G&Teas

Green Dragon - G&Teas at Red Dunn Kitchen Detroit

Valentine liberator, Domaine de Canton, lime juice, matcha green tea syrup


As we enter the autumn season, Walker plans to fine-tune the G&Teas menu, while still using fresh ingredients.

“This fall we will be taking a similar approach to the G & Teas concept but with Spices and Agave,” explains Walker. “Different expressions of tequila and mezcal twisted in ways one wouldn’t expect; playing with seasonal spices, apples, ice and presentation will be our focus for this autumn.”

For those who aren’t in the mood for gin, Red Dunn Kitchen offers a variety of options like the No Jacket Required with vodka, Fiorente Elderflower, cucumber, mint, fresh collins and sparkling Cava, and the Eastwood made with Vida mezcal, Averna, Solerno and Ancho Reyes.

Looking for a bite to eat while enjoying all of these delicious drinks? Try Chef Gundy’s Bacon Wrapped Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast or the Blow Torched Yellow Fin Tuna Crudo with Cukes, Casteletravano Olives, Lemon Oil, Peppercorn.


No matter what you get at Red Dunn Kitchen, prepare to be impressed. The arrival of this spot is a great addition not just to Corktown but to the growing Detroit culinary and hospitality scene.

Red Dunn at Trumbull & Porter Hotel details

1331 Trumbull St., Detroit, MI 48216


reddunnkitchen.com, @reddunnkitchen

trumbullandporterhotel.com, @trumbullandporterhotel

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