Where to Drink In Dallas This Fall

As far as seasons go, the Autumn season is hard to come by in Dallas, Texas. The joke is that there might be a 14-day span of “cooler weather” before temperatures drop to well below comfortable and all the leaves turn brown and fall off the trees at once. However, in the cocktail world, Fall in Dallas is brimming. Colors, tastes and textures sneak their way into the bar scene regardless of the weather.

If you’re looking for Fall, here are five cocktails that will get you there.

Milk Punch at Parliament


When you walk into Parliament, you walk into a party. The bartenders will smile and wave, ask about your day and make you feel completely at home. Their Milk Punch is as warm and inviting as the atmosphere of the bar. It is sweet and spicy, spinning the classic cool-weather drink into a variation fit for Texas with a sasparilla-infused rum. Garnished with a sprinkle of nutmeg and dried star anise, this drink has Fall written all over it.

2418 Allen St., 469-804-4321; parliamentdallas.com; @parliamentbar

All Jacked Up at Shoal’s Sound & Service


You are likely to encounter live jazz on any given night walking into Shoals Sound & Service, where the cocktail All Jacked Up is waiting for you. This enticing mix of mezcal, apple brandy, fernet, sweet vermouth and lemon oil is equally smokey, spiced and smooth. The cocktail comes in a coupe and glows a deep red color in the low, warm light of the bar.

2614 Elm St. Ste. 110; 469-677-0176; @shoalsdeepellum

Ashes in Fall at Armoury


Armoury, in the heart of Deep Ellum, is a library of tastes. Ashes in Fall, just one incredible tincture offered on this extensive menu, includes whiskey, lingonberries and activated charcoal. It is tart, rich and soft all at once; its color is deep, dark grey, with a boldly colored garnish of orange and deep red. It’s hard to get a more Autumn-inspired aesthetic, or taste, for that matter.

2714 Elm St., 972-803-5151; armouryde.com; @armouryDE

The Sanchez Special at Black Swan


Walk into Black Swan and tell owner/operator Gabe Sanchez that you want to feature one of his Fall cocktails, and he’ll make you three. To the right of the extensive shelves of bottles are more shelves holding infusions of all kinds. The winning cocktail for this piece is a drink you can only get at Black Swan: house-infused apple-clover bourbon, cardamaro, ginger and lemon.

2708 Elm St., 214-749-4848; blackswansaloon.com; @blackswansaloon

Earth, Wind & Fire at Jettison


Over in Oak Cliff, nestled in next to Houndstooth Coffee, there is a bar called Jettison. The door is opened for you and you are greeted warmly before being ushered to the wooden bar top and presented with a menu.  Earth Wind & Fire looks like a martini with a twist, but is so much more. Made with shochu, mezcal, green chartreuse and Yusuf bitters, this cocktail surprises you with its smoked sweetness. Jettison is a great place for a date, or for a solo night out in search of the nightcap cap.

1878 Sylvan Ave.; 214-238-2643; jettisonaway.com; @jettisonaway

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