What You Need to Know About the Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail Series

Hendrick’s Gin has always been known to deliver the curious, quirky and unusual. Hailed as “the most unusual gin” Hendrick’s, the odd and peculiar gin made with eleven botanicals and infused with the essence of rose and cucumber had to approach the virtual world in the same vein as its liquid, with exquisiteness and distinctiveness. So when they announced their virtual bartender workshop, we knew that the brand would create something truly unique. Introducing Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail — an exploration into the whimsy and magic of the beloved gin brand.

A virtual cocktail adventure like none other, Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail series offers bartenders a one-of-a-kind education experience wrapped in our signature whimsy and magic. Education, curiosity and exploration will guide bartenders as they embark on a cocktail journey through a combination of (4) 15 minute master classes led by our immensely talented and renowned expedition leads.

Featuring Hendrick’s national brand ambassador Vance Henderson alongside Western Ambassador Mattias Horseman and Eastern Ambassador Erik Andersson, the virtual event is not to be missed.

Kicking off on July 20th, this very first event of the series for the Eastern region will feature an impressive line-up of beverage world masters  including Paul Taylor (Columbia Room/Your Only Friend), Kristin Koefod (18.21 Bitters), Shannon Mustipher (Women Who TIki), Paul MacDonald (Friday Saturday Sunday) and Jake Parrott (Haus Alpenz).

Expedition Cocktail – Words with Vance Henderson – National Ambassador, Hendrick’s Gin

What is the Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail?

HEC is an interactive virtual cocktail and ingredient education adventure unlike any other! Through story-telling we’ve created a progressive, imaginative and interactive experience led by our renowned combination of industry champions that embraces all things peculiar and delivers on topics that all bartenders can embrace.

Why did Hendrick’s decide to put this program together?

HEC is our answer to the mundane virtual experiences that have plagued bartenders over the last year. This experience rewards curiosity through adventure and moments of surprise & delight which Hendrick’s does best. The need for learning, never stops. No matter what level of bartender you are, we just happen to make the learning odd and the cocktails amazing!

What can folks expect from an Expedition Cocktail event and how do you suggest they prepare to get the most out of it?

The cocktail and ingredient knowledge shared by our lot of Celebrated Expedition Leads & your completion of this journey will leave both you & your tipple talents…shall we say… Richer! Also a Quill pen & pad for notes can’t hurt.

How should someone prepare that’s attending?

The best way to prepare is to ready your palate and gather any bar tools you can find to join our lot of extraordinary exploreres as we embark on our delicious yet perilous quest across uncharted cocktail and ingredient realms. That’s a long way of saying… pack your snacks and a cucumber!

Anything else we can look forward to from Hendrick’s in 2021?

We’re currently building a magnificent program with Another Round Another Rally that will crisscross the country celebrating bartenders and the continued reopening of the industry with the most grand of sips-The Hendrick’s French 75! Get your glassware ready to be filled as we present “The Grandiose Toast”! Stay Tuned.

For news and updates about the Hendrick’s Cocktail Expedition program and to RSVP, visit this site and follow along at Thirsty_Magazine. To learn more about the presenters, read on!

Paul Taylor 

Paul Taylor is a Partner and General Manager at the Columbia Room, the iconic cocktail bar founded by Derek Brown in Washington, D.C. Paul is an experienced fifteen-year veteran who has held nearly every position in the restaurant and bar industry. Paul is also the Chef and Owner of the forthcoming cocktail and sandwich concept, Your Only Friend. Currently, he lives in Virginia with his wife, Kailynn, and dog, Franklin; and if he isn’t making sandwiches or cocktails, he’d probably be enjoying one.

Shannon Mustipher 

Shannon Mustipher is a spirits educator, cocktail consultant, author of TIKI: Modern Tropical Cocktails, and founder of Women Who TIki, a tropical cocktail centric pop up and platform for women to come together and showcase their talents.   Shannons work behind the bar and writing have garnered numerous awards and accolades.  Shannon currently lives in Brooklyn, NY, and enjoys travelling, cooking, and collecting “too many books”.

Kristin Wingfield Koefod

Kristin Wingfield Koefod is the co-founder and culinary brain behind 1821 Bitters. Co-Founded with her wife, Missy, a cancer survivor, they credit that experience to starting their business together. Kristin hails from Baltimore,Md where she grew up in a family of self proclaimed chefs and has had a love for flavor pairing ever since. Until recently, Kristin personally ran production and made every bottle of product. Since 2021, she has moved to Mexico to expand the brand while production stays in house and based in Atlanta, Ga.

Paul MacDonald 

Paul MacDonald is a Pennsylvania native and ten year industry veteran having held various roles within the hospitality space. Paul’s a firm believer that cocktails taste best served with a smile and alongside a perfectly paired meal. Currently, Paul is the head bartender at Friday Saturday Sunday in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jake Parrott 

Jake Parrott is the national sales manager for Haus Alpenz and Sotolon Selections, pioneering importers of fine and traditional aperitifs, amari, wine, spirits and liqueurs. He travels the country demystifying aromatized wines, showing how easy they are to enjoy on their own, in cocktails and with antipasti. In the spirits and liqueurs world, his passion is demystifying the tasting process and helping customers come up with multiple cocktails with the same ingredients. When he’s not slicing salami for a vermouth tasting, you’ll find Jake spending his frequent flier miles finding a quiet city with good rental apartment kitchens and better farmers markets.

Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail Schedule

July 20th: East Region

Aug 24th: Central Region

Oct. 19th – East/Central Regions

Nov. 9th – West Region

*Event hours will be 12 – 2p.m. Check back for updates and action from Hendrick’s Expedition Cocktail here and on Instagram @thirsty

Get more information at www.hendricksgin.com and follow your curiosity on Instagram @hendricksginus

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