When do Pool Parties Close in Vegas?

The actual dates that the pool parties in Las Vegas will depend on the weather for some pools. While we do not know the exact Vegas pool party closing dates, but we can estimate when we think that the pools will be closing for the season based on prior years, something we researched while we were initially researching how to bet online from Kentucky. The one thing that will be interesting to see this coming winter is if the Marquee Dayclub Winter pool party happens again.

The Vegas pool parties will soon close and make way to the Vegas Brunches and Dayclubs that will soon be opening. The closing dates listed below are merely approximations as they are going to depend on the weather. With the end of summer brings football season, so if you are planning a trip to Vegas at the end of October and you are looking for a day party then you will want to check out Lavo Brunch or Ghostbar Dayclub.

When do Pool Parties Close in Vegas?

While the dates below are not guaranteed, these are pretty close approximations to when each of the pools will be closing their doors for the summer. These dates below are strictly the Vegas pool parties; the hotel pools stay open in Vegas through about the middle of October depending on the weather.

Vegas Pool Party Closing Dates

  • Bare Pool – 10/11-18
  • Daylight Beach Club – 10/11
  • Encore Beach Club – 10/11
  • Liquid Pool –  10/11
  • Marquee Dayclub – 10/11-18
  • Rehab Pool Party – 10/11
  • Tao Beach – 10/04
  • Wet Republic – 10/11 – 10/18

These are just estimates of when we think that the pools will be closing for the season. We will continue to update this post as we get more information and clearer dates as to when the pool is planning on closing.

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