Where Cicerone Anne Becerra from Treadwell Park Goes To Drink Beer

We always love finding out where the experts drink, so we chatted with Anne Becerra, Cicerone of Treadwell Park, to find out some of her favorite spots to drink beer. If you don’t know, a Cicerone is an expert on all things beer, much like a sommelier with wine. So who better to ask about some of the best beer spots in NYC thank an expert, Cicerone?

When did you fall in love with the Beer category?

I fell in love with beer when I realized how delicious it was- the range of flavors and styles, partnered with an affordable price (compared to wine, spirits, etc.) was unbeatable. Once I got a little deeper into and saw for myself how great so many of the people and businesses are behind the beer, I was officially hooked.

Tell us about the Beer program at Treadwell Park

Treadwell Park Restaurant Beer Bar and Ping Pong

Our goal at Treadwell Park is to make amazing beer available to as many people as possible. There’s so much out there from all over the world, and I kind of feel like my job is to be a translator. While we rotate our beers after every keg, we always keep a wide range of styles- consistently maintaining a balance of hyper local, national and international selections. I don’t think anyone would be able to come to our bars and not be able to find a beer they truly love.

What is your current go-to beer order?

Not to get too geeky here, but one of my favorite new beers to come out this year is from Schneider Brewery in Germany called Brotzeitbier. It’s a delicate, super refreshing golden ale around 4.4% ABV that’s fermented with their head brewer’s wild yeast sourdough starter. As easy going as it is, there’s a ton of flavor- delicate spicy aromas, sweet toasty malt notes, and just a touch of sour tang. I could drink this all day long.

Anne Becerra’s Favorite Spots Around NYC for Beer

Dive Bar

Dive Bar Upper West Side

I’m hesitant to mention this place because of how much I love it, but Dive Bar has been around for over 25 years, and to me is exactly what I want from a great bar: awesome selection of beers/whiskeys/spirits, etc., owners who truly care about their customers, good music, and one of my favorite staffs in the city- really feels like Cheers.

732 Amsterdam Ave, Upper West Side

The Garden Cafe at The Cloisters Museum

The Garden Cafe at the Cloisters Museum Andechs Weissbier Dunkel

The garden cafe in The Cloisters museum serves Andechs Weissbier Dunkel- a dark wheat beer brewed in a monastery atop Holy Mountain in Germany. Sipping this beer in this Monastic-style setting is always one of my favorite drinking experiences in NYC.

99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Washington Heights

Queens Kickshaw

Queens Kickshaw Beer and Cider

Every time I’m in Astoria I try to come here- it just kind of hits every spot. Their attention to detail is apparent in everything from their beer and cider selection to their rustic, yet elegant decor plus I’m obsessed with their food menu. It’s all vegetarian but so delicious even the most hardcore meat eater won’t realize it’s missing.

40-17 Broadway, Astoria

Flagship Brewery

Flagship Brewery Staten Island

I love hopping on the ferry over to the taproom at Flagship Brewery. Everyone’s so cool, the beers are fresh and easy drinking- you can play board games, order a pizza from Pier 76 right to your table, and often times there’s entertainment in some form (music, trivia, comedy, etc.) No frills, just a cool place to hang out- I love it.

40 Minthorne Street, Staten Island

Beer Culture

Beer Culture Theater District Midtown

It’s very easy to lose a few hours at Beer Culture- the staff and owners are wonderful and the atmosphere feels like an extension of your living room. A great record selection, a fridge full of classic imports (amongst others), and “Grandpa’s fridge” fully stocked with the OG’s: Schlitz, Gennessee, you get the idea.

328 West 45th Street, Theater District

Treadwell Park details

Treadwell Park Restaurant Beer Bar and Ping Pong

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