Where to Drink Mezcal in NYC

If you haven’t had the chance to try mezcal yet, or if you’re looking for a new place to check out, we’ve put together a list of Where to Drink Mezcal in NYC with some places to put at the top of your list. While it might not be as popular as it’s younger cousin tequila, mezcal is more than deserving of its own cult following (it even earned it’s own holiday, National Mezcal Day, coming up on October 21st). From the artisanal distillation procedures to the beautiful smoky, complex flavors, there’s nothing not to appreciate about mezcal.

Where to Drink Mezcal in NYC

Casa Mezcal

Like walking through Oaxaca itself, tri-level Casa Mezcal boasts three different environments to indulge in when you go: Casa Mezcal, the Gallery, and the Botanic Lab Bar. There’s a great variety of mezcal cocktails to choose from, including mezcal takes on classics like the Manhattan, Negroni, and Martini as well as original cocktail creations made with house-infused mezcals and other interesting ingredients. Try out the Secreto Sensual, with mezcal, passionfruit, mint, pineapple, serrano pepper, and agave. 86 Orchard St., 212-777-2661, www.casamezcalny.com


The team behind Mayahuel set out in 2009 to create a bar that put to bed the misconceptions about agave spirits (how tequila is only good for margaritas, how there should be a worm in every bottle of mezcal, et cetera). For their efforts, they were named best cocktail bar in the world at Tales of the Cocktail 2010. With over fifty agave concoctions it’s hard to choose, but for those seeking a spicier drink, check out The Nature Boy (mezcal, chile de arbol-infused mezcal, yellow bell pepper, suze, lime and pumpkin seed salt). 306 E 6th St., 212-253-5888, www.mayahuelny.com

La Biblioteca de Tequila

If you’re going for a wide selection of agave spirits, look no further than the La Biblioteca de Tequila aka Tequila Library. With over 400 spirits to choose from, there’s bound to be an agave for you, especially if you indulge in one of the many different tasting menus they have available. While the cocktails are limited here (margaritas, mostly), you wouldn’t really want them anyway. Libraries are to learn, and this one is to learn about agave spirits. 622 3rd Ave, 212-808-8110, www.richardsandoval.com/labiblioteca/


Situated in prime West Village location, Ofrenda is owner Jorge Guzman and Chef Mario Hernandez’s take on classic Mexican cuisine. While their cocktail focus is tequila-based drinks, their mezcal offerings are also delicious, including The Devil in Oaxaca, made with mezcal, agave, carrot juice, cilantro, and orange bitters. 113 7th Avenue S, 212-924-2305, www.ofrendanyc.com

The Black Ant

Opened by the same team who oversee Ofrenda, not only can you literally eat the namesake of the restaurant in multiple dishes (or grasshoppers, for those looking for a nice change in your protein intake), but they have over fifty mezcals and great cocktails, including the Black Ant Negroni, made with Buenbicho Mezcal Joven, Chile Ancho-infused Campari, Vya Sweet Vermouth and orange oils. 60 2nd Avenue, 212-598-0300, www.theblackantnyc.com


It’s hard not to dwell on the fact that Maya has a $45 bottomless brunch on Saturdays and Sundays (you heard me), but there’s a lot more to this restaurant than the fact that you’re going to want to spend every weekend there from now on. While their tequila list is much more extensive than their mezcal list, you can still indulge in multiple types of tasting flights or cocktails, like the M&M, which is made from el Silencio Mezcal, agave, lime, cucumber, rosemary, and Jarritos mandarin. If you plan to enjoy an entire bottle of an agave spirit, Maya also have a liquor locker, that allows you to store your spirit for up to three months. 1191 1st Ave., 212-585-1818, www.richardsandoval.com/mayany



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