6 Best Co-Working Spaces with Cocktails in NYC

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If you haven’t already heard about coworking, it’s the phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm. For many people, the work is no longer confined to the 9-5 cubicle life, and freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and remote workers in NYC have been looking to coworking spaces to fill their workplace void.

Work and life are fusing like never before, and thus coworking spaces are not just a place to focus on your work, but they’ve also become places to find new friends, investors, employees, and collaborators.

There are tons of NYC coworking spaces (check out getcroissant.com to find some spots near you), but these are the place to go if you’re looking to mingle over some drinks.

The Best NYC Coworking Spaces to Drink At


WeWork New York City Co-Working Spaces with Cocktails

The main coworking giant in NYC’s five boroughs, WeWork famously has beer on tap at all its locations. Additionally, in the evenings there’s regular networking events where you’re likely to find a selection of wine and craft beers. WeWork boasts a lively atmosphere that’s perfect for any budding entrepreneur.

WeWork has 38 offices in New York City, and prices start at $550/mo for a desk. A little pricey, but think about the amount you’ll be saving instead of buying $10 beers at the bar down the street.


Bond Collective

Bond Collective Co-Working Spaces with Cocktails New York City

If you’re looking for a classy workspace that will make you look like a badass, scroll no further – Bond is the one you’re looking for. As a member, one of the many perks you’ll be getting is unlimited beer on tap at any of its four centrally-located locations. We have to give a shoutout to our favorite one, which is the brand new Financial District spot. Those Ottoman style couches are to die for.


Bat Haus

Bat Haus is a haven for creative souls in Bushwick. In addition to be a solid event space and coworking space, every Wednesday evening from 8 pm to 10:30 pm, they host an incredible Drink N Draw event. Bring your own art supplies, and $10 will get you 2.5 hours of drawing time with a professional model and all-you-can-drink beer. Not a bad deal!

If you’d prefer staying away from the drawing pad, every Thursday evening, Bat Haus hosts a happy hour for all coworkers. Beer and snacks are provided!



Rise Co-Working Spaces with Cocktails New York City

Rise is part of the Barclays family, and is the center of FinTech in New York City. Along with having high ceilings and impeccable interior design, they also have beer on tap and wine time every evening at 5pm. Just head over to the cafe in the back and help yourself. There’s no better way to meet and mingle with fellow finance enthusiasts!

TechStars’ Barclays program also makes its home at Rise, so an extra plus for anyone looking to rub shoulders with the up and coming startups in FinTech.


Space 530

Space 530 Co-Working Spaces with Cocktails New York City

Space 530 is a coworking space with a focus on fashion and elegance. Your coworking neighbors will likely be smartly dressed freelancers, designers, and entrepreneurs. Although Space 530 itself doesn’t serve alcohol, they give all members complimentary drink vouchers to the Skylark rooftop bar nearby.

Space 530 regularly round up a group of people to relax there together in the evenings. Gazing at the Manhattan skyline with a free drink in hand isn’t a bad way to end your workday.




Voyager is a travel-focused coworking space, and most of its community consists of travel startups such as Skipper and Hotels By Day. There are also several mentors and investors roaming around the space. Once a month of Thursday, they host a happy hour! Mingle with like-minded people, whether you want to talk about your upcoming adventures abroad, or want some advice on your next big startup venture.



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