Where the Andrew Carmellini crew drinks after work

Andrew Carmellini has built quite an impressive culinary empire in NYC. We can attest, having spent many nights (and days) eating and drinking our way through the menus at Locanda Verde, The Dutch, and Lafayette. Aside from having delicious food and cocktails, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly – the kind of people you would want to grab a drink with. Plus, bartenders always know the best places to go. Truth.

Food Republic got the dish from some of Carmellini’s employees on their favorite spots to grab a drink after wrapping up their shift:

Patrick Cormier – General Manager at The Dutch
DBA is the right amount of dive bar and the right amount of beer repository to always keep me coming back. After service, I want a great, cold beer and three fingers of warm whiskey and I don’t need to discuss the finer points of the brewing process — I know what it is and I know where it is.  Early in the week is when to go and in the summer the outdoor area is pretty clutch.

Amy Troiano – Beverage Manager at Locanda Verde
The Ear Inn. It’s legendary! You must drink beer or shots of whiskey, and the burger is amazing. Love the old school cash register making all that noise as they ring in your drinks. I’ve even been there when the owner is jamming with his band.

Kierin Baldwin Pastry Chef at The Dutch
Terroir. I mostly go to the one in Park Slope, but it’s the best place to go for a good glass of wine and a small bite on a quiet Monday off. Also, a great place to go alone, since the bar is nice and the servers are super friendly and the other patrons know how to leave a solo lady alone to enjoy her Riesling in peace.

Chad Walsh
Beverage Manager at The Dutch

Marshall Stack  – Living on the Lower East Side can be tough. Even with my restaurant-biz hours it can get obnoxious when one just wants to relax and have a beer. Although some might see it as lacking, the absence of a full liquor license protects Marshall Stack (on the corner of Allen & Rivington). Imagine this: “WHAT? NO GREY GOOSE? I’M OUTTA HERE!” Yes you are, leaving me to enjoy a well-chosen and large selection of draft beer, where I often find the rare keg that we can’t get our hands on at The Dutch.

It’s the beautiful simplicity of the operation that makes it my favorite. One bartender, maybe two on the weekends, and a hero who acts as bus-boy and steward of the industrial toaster oven that cranks out perfect tater-tots, bagel pizzas (The “After School Special” *Josh Nadel concurs), and more. It’s cash only. Glasses are washed the old-fashioned way, in a triple sink.

Rock and roll is (obviously) ever-present, and there’s only one small TV that’s only on when you really want it to be, like the playoffs.  There’s only one type of glass that’s chilled, and it’s the branded glass for the only consistent draft-line, the perfectly cold King-of-Pilsners, Radeberger.  It’s not all beer though. You can take anyone to Marshall Stack, even if they only drink wine. They do an excellent job of getting great bottles to pour by the glass on close-out, passing the discount on to you.

Marie Lyons – Director of Events, Locanda Verde, The Dutch, The Library at The Public, Lafayette
Corkbuzz (located at 13 East 13th Street) gives 50% off champagne after 10 p.m., a full dinner menu from a talented chef, neighborly regulars, the sweetest staff and Master Sommelier Laura Maniec at the helm. Plus that lucky address. What’s not to love?

Josh Nadel – Beverage Director at Locanda Verde, The Dutch, The Library at The Public, Lafayette
Viktor & Spoils. Avoid at all costs on Friday and Saturday nights, but it’s a dream on like, a Tuesday when you want to belly up to the bar and order something from one of the rockstar bartenders, or get a table with a group and order some of their fantastic food. I love the tacos, some tequila and the little shots of sangritas they come with.

Emily Olmstead – Human Resources Manager
Sorella. She’s always open late and you can order great food too. My go-to on the way home to Brooklyn.

Michael Oliver – Chef Harefield Road in the ‘Burg because sometimes you just need a seat and a beer on a Saturday off and you don’t have the heart to go back into Manhattan.

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