Drink This Now: Hound of Hades at Iris NYC

It’s all about the fall vibes at Iris NYC, thanks to the apple and gin Hound of Hades cocktail. Made with a delicious blend of Stray Dog Gin, Mastiha, spiced apple cordial, lime juice and Mediterranean tonic, the Hound of Hades by Sergey Merkulov¬†showcases the seasonal flavors alongside a taste of Greece thanks to the Stray Dog Gin.

The inspiration for Hound of Hades came from the idea to merge the Aegean theme of Iris restaurant and its location in the heart of New York City with seasonal relevance. The ingredients that helped achieve this goal are Stray Dog Wild Gin and Mastiha which represent the Aegean element. Apples sourced from the State of New York add the seasonal aspect and represent the Fall Harvest.

Stray Dog Wild Gin offers the best of the Mediterranean in a glass. This exceptionally smooth and complex gin can be savored neat or mixed. Wild foraged herbs including sage, rosemary and bay leaf come together with fresh citrus and mastiha to create a bright, herbal and truly savory gin. From the unspoiled mountains of Greece to your home.

This award-winning gin also donates a portion of sales to animal shelters that provide veterinary care and homes to stray animals, many of which now thrive at their new homes.

Hound of Hades at Iris NYC recipe

  • 1.5 Stray Dog Wild Gin
  • .5 Kleos Mastiha
  • .75 oz spiced apple cordial
  • .75 oz lime juice
  • Top off with Mediterranean tonic
  • Shaken
  • Highball
  • 2 apple slices for garnish

For more info on Stray Dog Gin, visit www.straydoggin.com.

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