Awesomeness Alert: Eco-conscious Terra Kaffe Pod-Free Espresso Machine

Figuratively throw away your coffee pods – but not literally! Recent research found that of the 39,000 coffee pods and capsules produced worldwide every minute, 29,000 end up in landfills. Waste grew exponentially in the last two years, as home coffee preparation skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand for single-cup brewing solutions is up by 50% since 2018, and 79% of Americans now prepare coffee in their homes on a daily basis.

Eco-conscious Terra Kaffe has set out to change all of that as a direct-to-consumer coffee brand that brought to market a super-automatic espresso machine that brews from fresh whole beans with no needless waste from pods or capsules. It brews a full range of espresso drinks with all features — including milk frother, bean grinder, temperature control, and water firmness settings — customizable to the user, built with elegant operation and European design in mind. To date, the super-automatic, podless espresso machine, has offset the use of almost ten million single-serve pods.

In order to expand and maximize growth in this important home hardware sector, the Brooklyn, NY based Terra Kaffe Raised $7.5 million from Liquidity, a billion dollar, hyper growing fintech group, in a speedy AI-based process that concluded within 72 hours from the moment of application.

“At Liquidity, our technology-driven strategy enables us to move at lightning speed to provide the capital companies need to expand and impact the lives of their customers,” said Ron Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder of Liquidity Group. “We’re excited to support Terra Kaffe’s mission and their use of technology to bring plastic-debris-free brewing to their customers, quickly and seamlessly.”

“We took on this massively crowded space, only because we knew we had one of the Keys to the Kingdom — a strategic differentiator — the fact that we provide a brewing experience that is podless and capsuleless,” says Terra Kaffe CEO and Founder Sahand Dilmaghani.  “Liquidity Group was fast and easy to work with from start to finish. From application to offer sheet was just 72 hours, and they had the ability to provide scalable, non-dilutive capital to fuel our growth plans.”

This new and easy-to-operate espresso maker was designed for those coffee enthusiasts that are eco- and price-conscious.  Departures named Terra Kaffe “The Tesla of Espresso Machines” and Architectural Digest “One of the 12 Best New Technologies of 2022,” alongside products from Amazon, Oculus, and Casper.

At a $825 price point, the Terra Kaffe TK-01 is available in black or white, online and in select retailers.

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