New York’s New Secret Cocktail Club: Everything You Need to Know

There is a Secret Cocktail Club that recently launched in New York City. If you are looking for a break from the typical bar scene, you’re gonna want to become a member of Wine & Whiskey (Liquor Lab.) WW is a roving underground cocktail club inside of places that you have never been to, (galleries, penthouse suites, and ), and a list of A-list bartenders, mixologists, and other industry professionals.

Think secret supper club for booze.

Where you’ll be drinking:

Wine and Whiskey New York City

The location and theme of the Wine & Whiskey’s cocktail party will change from week to week and is kept a secret until the week of. You may find yourself on a private rooftop bar, a cigar lounge with rare Scotches, wine popup, or even a glass blowing studio where you’ll make your own martini glass. What a great place to enjoy your cigar, such as those drew estate cigars, for instance.

Wine and Whiskey put on a number of events in NYC starting at Pouring Ribbons and Vnyl.

Upcoming Events

  • July 21st – Scotch & Cigars: Oreya S. Hampton – 7-9 pm
  • July 22nd – Scotch & Cigars: Oreya S. Hampton – 7-9 pm
  • August 10th – Culinary Cocktails: Edible Manhattan + Wine & Whiskey – 7:30-10:30 pm
  • August 24th – Tour of the Vine: Wine Popup – 7:30-10:30 pm.
  • August 31st – World of Whiskey & Smitty Tobac Cigars – 7:30-10:30 pm.

Who’s behind the bar:

Best Private Cocktail Club in New York City

The Lab is dedicated to hosting up-and-coming bartenders giving them a chance to go outside their venue’s boundaries.

What you will be drinking:

What you will drink at Wine and Whiskey New York City

Wine & Whiskey events feature everything from Cigars and rare scotches to wine pop-ups to curated craft cocktail events. t

Liquor Lab memberships (available here, in limited quantity) cost $175 a year and kick in when you attend your first event. Buying in gets you access to the calendar of events where you can pick up tickets, usually in the $40-100 range, for yourself and a guest.

ENTER THE PROMO CODE THIRSTYMAG (LIMITED TIME) when you sign up below and get a two year membership for the price of one. On next page for 50% OFF ($175). 2 Year Membership to W&W NYC (one-time payment, non-recurring). Includes 2 x Free W&W Event Passes + 2 x Free Liquor Lab Event Passes.

Includes additional perks and 25% discounts to Liquor Lab ( Hands-on mixology events (opening Sept ’17). The two Year membership clock doesn’t begin until you attend your first event. MEMBERSHIP CONFIRMATION/WELCOME DETAILS EMAILED DIRECTLY FOLLOWING PURCHASE.

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