Festival Atlantico By Tato Giovanni Unites The World’s 50 Best Bar Community In Patagonia

For the second year, legendary bar icon, Tato Giovannoni, will bring together once again his luminaries from around the global bar community to Patagonia. Yeah, you read that right … the Festival Atlantico will take place in PATAGONIA!  This epic setting will host visionaries from The World’s 50 Best Bars, including Giovanni’s bar Florería Atlántico which ranks number 3 on the prestigious list, to discuss cocktail culture, innovation and commitment to the environment. Festival Atlantico will kick off on March 14th at Florería Atlántico in Buenos Aires then travel to Bahía Bustamante in Chubut to continue the summit with a focus on the sea while set in one of the world’s most breathtaking natural environments.

The event will bring together some of the world’s greatest hospitality minds to engage in the important conversations about sustainability and the links to cocktails, gastronomy and the producers associated with these industries  While addressing the future of the industry, they will tackle topics of the carbon footprint of cocktails and culinary and propose innovative solutions. To ensure that everyone is extremely focussed on the brevity of the topic, the location of Bahia Bustamante in Chubut with the closest town over 60 miles away.

Although Tato is bringing together some of the most celebrate personalities in the bar world, it will also include people from the culinary side including Latin American chefs such as Kurt Schimdt (Chile), and Argentineans Fernando Mayoral and Gustavo Rapreti. Festival Atlantico will also unite communicators, industry influencers and local producers. The Festival schedule will be full of sharing experiences, talk, seminars, and hands on learn to discover new tools for sustainability as well as revisiting the ways of the path to ensure a greener future.  There will also be discussions about the responsibility of brands, producers and recipe creators to be more mindful of our land and sea. The belief is that if we work together and share knowledge, we can drastically reduce the carbon footprint generated by bars and restaurants around the world.

Some of the features bar speakers will be Native Vijat Mudaliar (Singapore), Nikos Bakoulis of “The Clumsies”(Athens), Jose Luis León of “Limantour” (Mexico City_ and Rory Sheperd with Thimoty Greenne of “Little Red Door”(Paris), Ashish Sharma of “Bar Trigona”(Kuala Lumpur) with more to be announced.  Also included will be Brazilian designer and artist, Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen), pioneer in creation and research of sustainable textiles in Latin America. Joaquin and Julian Azulay, known as “Los Gauchos del Mar”, two surfing brothers who travel the world making films that unite the environment, communities and the sea. Rewilding Argentina Foundation will also present its project to recover the oceans in the country and the commitment of coastal communities.

For more information, visit http://festivalatlantico.org/en/ and @fatlantico


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