Forget Rosé All Day, Now you can have Blues-day for Tuesday

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am VERY big on wine and come summer months, love me a good rendezvous with a rosé all day, and all night for that matter.  However, now thanks to a group of young 20-somethings in Spain, you can now indulge in blue wine with the new brand, Gik. As much as we love us a good blue cocktail, not sure how we feel about blue wine.

With no background in winemaking, this funky blue bunch, just created Gik to do it for shock value.  It is a blend of both red & white grapes that are dyed blue via anthocyanin, a natural compound found in the skin of grapes, and indigo pigments. While it does get me curious, I’ll try any drink once, they created it for shock value and disruption and not truly so much taste.

How to Drink Gik Blue Wine

Meant to be served chilled, they say that it pairs well with Food pairing suggestions include sushi, nachos with guacamole, Tzatziki sauce, pasta carbonara and smoked salmon … you had us at guacamole.

With 11.5% ABV, bottles retail for about $11, so at that price wine not? For more info –

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