Most Expensive $1.3 Million Dollar Vodka Bottle Stolen

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Earlier this week, a $1.3 million dollar vodka bottle of Russo-Baltique was stolen Ocean’s Eleven style from Café 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This extremely rare bottle is said to be the most expensive in the world and is crafted with 6.6 pounds of gold and an equal amount of silver topped off with a diamond-encrusted cap well and a leather strap from a 1912 Monte Carlo rally car.

The vodka bottle was released by Latvian luxury armored vehicle maker Dartz and is the only one of its kind. A replica of the famed bottle was even featured in an an episode of Netflix’s House of Cards. It was on loan to the bar from a Russian businessman and uninsured. Nothing else was stolen from Cafe 33 and local police don’t know if it was an inside job.

UPDATE: The bottle was found a few days later at a construction site empty and dented. Although the bottle was made entirely of gold and silver, with that blinged out diamond cap, the thief seemed more interested in the vodka than the baller bottle. Bizarrely, the absurdly expensive vessel was discarded empty, bruised but intact.  The owner of Cafe 33 says he plans on simply refilling it and getting it back on display.


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