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Cocktail Competition

Can you make the most refreshing, sustainable, Mount Gay Rum Cocktail?

Mount Gay Rum Cocktail Competition

More Taste, Less Waste - Mount Gay Rum Cocktail Competition

Mount Gay Rum is deeply connected to our island heritage, terroir, and people. Conserving the oceans and the ecosystems that depend on them is vital and a mission Mount Gay is honored to support. To celebrate this dedication to conservation, Thirsty is hosting a cocktail competition that empowers bartenders to “Think Sustainably, Drink Sustainably”. We are looking for not only your most creative and delicious cocktail, but a cocktail that can be implemented to showcase sustainable practices in bars.

With over 300 years of knowledge, experience, and refinement applied to the process of making rum, Mount Gay’s complex flavors of banana, almond, mocha, and vanilla have been coaxed from the natural Barbadian ingredients – molasses from Caribbean grown sugar cane, coral filtered water, natural yeast – and the time spent aging in American oak barrels. We are looking forward to exploring these flavors and more in your creations!


One finalist from each of 6 participating regions will travel to Barbados, the birthplace of rum to compete for the U.S. National Title!

Mount Gay Rum - Sustainable Cocktails

How it Works


The US registration period will be open from 01/03/2022 to 01/28/2022. The finalists will be announced on or around 02/05/2022.


The competition is open to professional bartenders aged 21-years-old or over, currently residing in the USA only.


This competition will include 4 stages:

  1. Digital submission must be entered through the website portal
  2. Recipes will be anonymously judged to find the top 5 from every region.
  3. 5 regional finalists will be chosen to represent their city in a live competition in their home market. Each finalist will have 10 mins in front of the judges and local guests to showcase their sustainability factor, educate the judges on their cocktail as a whole and highlight the knowledge of the brand. Simultaneously, their cocktail will be served to the crowd in tasting pours. Judges will be given complete portions to experience the cocktail in full form.
  4. 1 winner from each region (6 total) will take part in the National Competition located in Barbados March 2022.

Competition Rules

Cocktail submission should showcase the following:

  • Celebrate Mount Gay’s new partnership with 4Ocean with a sustainably focused cocktail.
  • The recipe should include at least 1oz of Mount Gay Rum (Black Barrel or XO).
  • Show what terroir, craft, and sustainability means to you and ask yourself, is this something I could sustainably implement in my own bar?

Cocktail Submission:

  • The recipe should be an original and personal creation.
  • The recipe should include at least 1oz of Mount Gay Rum (Black Barrel or XO)
  • The full recipe and method of preparation must be clearly specified.
  • Homemade ingredients are permitted.
  • Homemade ingredients should take no longer than 24 hours to create.

Ingredient specifications:

  • The use of any liqueurs, standard modifiers, syrups, bitters, and juices is permitted.
  • The use of any other rum brands is not permitted.
  • The use of homemade bitters or fermentations are not permitted.
  • The use of modifier spirits is permitted.
  • Brands or type must be clearly stated.
  • Other ingredients, such as garnishes, type of ice, etc. should be clearly specified.
  • The choice of glassware is yours.

Cocktail Recipe specifications:

  • The entire recipe should be expressed in fluid ounce, milliliter or number of drops used.
  • Cocktail and ingredient preparation techniques must be clearly indicated.
  • Your cocktail recipe should tell a story. Explanation and inspiration for the choice of ingredients and recipes should be detailed.

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