Sweat It Out: Tips to Recover from the Holiday Hangover

New Year’s Eve is one of the booziest nights of the year when we raise our glasses to hope and promise of the year ahead.  It also caps off the end of the holiday entertaining season, in which many of us (cough, cough) have been overindulging on festive tipples and treats since Thanksgiving.  So to get some expert advice on how to kick-start after the holiday hangover, we went to the pros at New York Health & Racquet Club for some tips. And they referred us to myfitnesshub.com for quality and more detailed fitness and diet guide.


Squad Goals

Wilber Escobar – Group Fitness Instructor
Get a workout buddy or small group of friends and support each other. Perhaps, a friendly competition amongst the group to keep pushing yourselves will do. Also, keep a summery picture as your wallpaper on your phone. It serves as a reminder that summer will soon arrive and not to wait until April to start hitting the gym to lift some weights, such as the smith machine which is great for training with dumbbells.

Class it Up

Maryann Donner – VP, Group Fitness Programming
Jumpstart your New Year with a new and fun fitness class. Classes give you the biggest bang for your fitness buck. Just remember to start off right with all 3 pillars of fitness: cardio, strength, flexibility. Choose 1 from each fit category and you will have the ingredients for a strong and balanced 2018. Consumption of products such as quality sarms can also be incredibly beneficial for your fitness goals.

Small Wonders

Leigh Frankel – Group Fitness Instructor
Select one of the most important and necessary goals and keep it small and attainable. For example, if you want to lose weight, reduce alcohol consumption, and work out more frequently, pick one to start. You can also use effective dietary supplements like Carbofix which was reviewed on Thehealthmania.com. You will have a better chance of success and will gain the confidence to set another goal. Small goals give big success.


Dance Like No One is Watching

Mitchell Wayne – Group Fitness Instructor
Every year most of us make the same resolution: To live healthier and be happier. Why not start off with the things you know you like or are curious about. Like to boogie? Find a cardio dance class or two and see how it suits your body. You can burn calories without thinking of it as “work.” If you need more energy to do this, consider getting the best women’s probiotic.

Yes, You Can

Max Zeumer – Personal Training Manager
Traditionally we start the New Year off attempting to commit and discontinuing a negative behavior. This New Year, don’t worry about breaking a bad habit or behavior. Focus on all the things you need to start doing! For examples, focus on beginning to eat healthy, don’t worry about stopping your poor eating habits. Zero in on choosing healthy foods when you can, and focus on making that a new habit. Eventually if you were to continue to develop this new habit, you’ll naturally stop eating poorly.


Moe Widdi – Personal Trainer
First identify a goal and ask yourself how badly do you want it? Next, make a list of all the pros and cons to see if it’s worth it (oh it’s worth it alright!) Picture yourself reaching those goals and recall how you feel. Then watch workout videos or listen to a killer music playlist to pump you up! Last, always surround yourself with people who are just as hungry to reach their goals as you. When it gets tough, remind yourself of how badly you want it and do the list again.

Fast and Furious

Dylan Arnold – Personal Trainer
If you want to optimize fat loss after the holidays, complete fasted workouts. To keep your nervous system in full affect! This is a great way to burn excess fat and get the carbs going to where they’re needed!


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