Win A Trip To France In The Cointreau Margarita Challenge 2023

Want to win a trip to France and be hosted at the Cointreau Mansion in Angers?  Well, if you have a super awesome original Margarita recipe using Cointreau, you can be one of ten bartenders to travel to France in  Cointreau Margarita Challenge 2023!  Back for a third year, the Cointreau Margarita Challenge is once again inviting bartenders from around the world to reinterpret the iconic Original Margarita recipe and will be sending ten winners to France. One winner who makes the World’s Best Margarita for 2023, will will an ADDITIONAL trip for two to France.

Submissions are open until January 31, 2023, all mixologists are invited to reinterpret the iconic Original Margarita recipe – don’t miss out – Submit HERE.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Original Margarita, Cointreau, the cocktail pioneer invites the world’s most talented bartenders to step back in time to the creation of this iconic cocktail and imagine how they might have mixed it first.

The 2023 edition of Cointreau’s annual Margarita Challenge celebrates this mixology milestone, inviting bartenders around the world to put their own creative spin on the original recipe invented by Dallas socialite Margaret Sames in 1948. Only two ingredients must be included: Cointreau l’Unique and salt. The creativity and expertise of each participant will determine the rest.

For its third annual Margarita Challenge, Cointreau asks participants to imagine themselves transported back to 1948. Dallas socialite Margaret “Margarita” Sames is hosting her usual crowd of glittery guests at her home in Acapulco.

Using only equipment available during the era, contest participants must come up with a unique reimagining of the Original Margarita invented by Ms. Sames that fateful night, creating a drink based around two ingredients: Cointreau l’Unique and salt.

Once selected, ten finalists will be flown to France for three days of immersive visits and mixology challenges, culminating in a final hosted at Cointreau’s historic mansion, in Angers. There, the best recipe will be selected, and the first-place winner will walk away with an additional trip for two to France, a sponsor budget which will allow them to take off on a tour to promote their own creative take on the Original Margarita in the best cocktail bars selected by Cointreau.

Alfred Cointreau – 6th Generation of the Cointreau Family

The Margarita Challenge is the one of the most prestigious international competition starring the margarita, so revisiting this essential iconic cocktail…is quite the challenge! This competition is a driver for innovation and pushes the limits of inventiveness to create
never-seen-before variations. The international dimension I also hugely significant: meeting new bartenders from all over the world is particularly educational and stimulating. The final will be a unique opportunity for participants to discover the very heart and its savoir-faire of Cointreau: in Angers, where my great-great-grandfather created his now celebrated orange liqueur and which is still today home to the only Cointreau production site in the world. Spoiler: the finalists will have the chance to be accommodated in the Cointreau family’s historical family home!

Rory Shepherd – Top 50 bartender, Member of the Jury

This competition takes a look back at the vibrant history of Cointreau but at a time of progressive changes in the industry. I’m interested in tasting drinks that have had serious thought put into ingredients and flavor development. What we can take from the past is the ability to give clear structure without over complicating or using too many ingredients, while what we can take from modern drink-making is our knowledge of flavor extraction and drink-making technique. You don’t need any fancy equipment to do this.


Please drink responsibly. Do not share with anyone under the legal purchase age for alcohol. 

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