Beyond The Bar: Woodford Reserve Makes Bartenders Sweat At HitHouse

Living a life in the booze industry seems like a big party to many, but can truly take a toll on your body, both mentally and physically.  Working in the bar world presents many challenges and obstacles at living a healthy lifestyle.  Aiming to help bar folks keep balance in their lives and provide useful resources, Woodford Reserve has put together a series of events called “Beyond the Bar” to give back to the community.

Spearheaded by Walter Easterbrook, Brand Ambassador at Woodford Reserve, the series will cover a wide-range of topics from Fitness to Financial Planning to Marketing and more. For the first event, Beyond the Bar headed to Hit House in downtown Manhattan for an afternoon of Muay Thai and Yoga.

Beyond the Bar: Bartender Muay Thai and Yoga at Hit House

Walter Easterbrook – Brand Ambassador at Woodford Reserve

I loved the idea of doing something non-traditional like Muay Thai boxing and I think yoga is often overlooked as a practice, especially with men. It’s not only helps mentally but, you get so much flexibility from it as well. I think the stress and impact on a Bartenders body is under rated, but being on your feet and constantly moving will put tons of strain on your body. Yoga will definitely help.

Personally, I want to be the best version of myself at all times. When I have a long day and get home to my kids, they don’t care that daddy has been out until whenever hosting groups and doing events until late hours. They want to play and deserve the best of me. I will give that to them, so it’s important that I take care of myself so I can properly take care of others.

Tara Fougner – Thirsty Co-Founder

The “lifestyle” of the bar world always seems super glamorous and often like a non-stop party from the outside looking in. However, it is insanely hectic and can be problematic to your mental and physical health.  Between non-stop events, tastings, seminars, travel, being on your feet all day and, of course, the endless drink and food involved, working in hospitality can wreck havoc on your body.  Keeping up your physical and mental health is extremely important and Thirsty is proud to partner with Woodford Reserve to share much needed resources and tools to the community.  Also, HitHouse rocks and I was super intimidated to try Muay Thai but now I can’t wait to get back on the mat!

Devin Kennedy – Bartender Cote & Pouring Ribbons

Fitness is super important for bartending , it’s a serious toll on your body after these long shifts . Everything from yoga to light cardio will help you prepare your body to operate at a high level longer. HitHouse was a full body workout that engaged every muscle group. Very similar to a busy Friday night shift behind the bar!

Monica Muller – Hospitality Event Photographer

Because of this experience I’m now looking for places that offer yoga after kickboxing ! It was the perfect combination!!!

Dana VanPamelen – Founder of HitHouse

Bartending is so fun and so rewarding – but so hard on the human body. Long hours on your feet, back and shoulder pain, and lack of sleep become a normal way of life for the hospitality industry. These are all symptoms that can be helped with exercise: increased blood flow, helps circulation, prevents the muscular imbalance derived from standing in one posture, helps to regulate sleep and is known to help with stress-relief! Health and wellness should be a focus for life balance and longevity in nightlife. We instantly loved Walter’s idea to enrich aspects of bartenders daily lives beyond the bar.

Beyond the Bar – Bartender Yoga with Emily


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