Celebrate Irish Coffee Day in Atlanta and Savannah with These Slane Irish Whiskey Cocktails

Winter is in full effect and while it’s not quite the same bone-chilling weather as some other parts of the country, the days and nights in Atlanta and Savannah can get a bit chilly – which means it’s the perfect time for an Irish Coffee.

One way to deal with the winter blues is by warming up with an Irish coffee, and these versions at bars and restaurants around Atlanta and Savannah all feature Slane Irish Whiskey, the perfect base for a classic or creative take on the delicious Irish whiskey-based beverage.

Just in time for National Irish Coffee Day on January 25th, we have rounded up some of the most delicious riffs on the Irish Coffee – the classic recipe for an Irish Coffee consists of Irish Whiskey, coffee and brown sugar, stirred and topped with whipped cream – made with Slane Irish Whiskey, and perfect for sipping all winter long.

Come explore some our favorites spots in Atlanta and Savannah to enjoy a Slane Irish Whiskey Irish Coffee and toast a “sláinte” to the holiday.


Classic Irish Coffee at C. Ellet’s Steakhouse

Atlanta images: Jose Pereiro / @thecocktailshaker_ 

Made with a simple mix of Slane Irish Whiskey, demerara Syrup, freshly brewed Batdorf and Bronson Dancing Goats Coffee, topped with whipped cream (unsweetened with soft peaks), the Classic Irish Coffee at C. Ellet’s Steakhouse in Atlanta is a must.

“Slane is the perfect Irish Whiskey for our C. Ellet’s Classic Irish Coffee,” explains C. Ellet’s Alicia Yandell. “The smooth, toasted oak notes pair well with the hot black coffee and undertones of butterscotch provides enough sweetness to balance out the cocktail.  Slane has beautiful aromas of fruit and vanilla that anchor this drink. It is an excellent cocktail to enjoy during a lovely brunch or after a wonderful C. Ellet’s Steak dinner.

 2605 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA; c-ellets.com; @c.ellets

Nutty Irishman at Meehan’s Public House

At Meehan’s Public House in Atlanta, the Nutty Irishman – made with Slane Irish Whiskey, Frangelico, coffee, 2 sugar cubs and whipped cream – is the Slane Irish Whiskey drink to try on Irish Coffee Day. “Ever since I tried Slane Irish Whiskey, it’s become my favorite whiskey and one that I suggest i.e. force upon every and any guest who asks for a whiskey recommendation at the bar,” jokes Aidan Dundass of Meehan’s. “Its smooth finish makes it ideal to use in any Irish coffee.  Hazelnut from the Frangelico and also nutmeg from the garnish on top of the cream I always get hints of vanilla and toffee off the whiskey itself.”

2605 Circle 75 Parkway, Suite 400, Atlanta, GA; meehanspublichouse.com; @meehanspub

Workhorse Irish Coffee at Marlay House

At Marlay House in Decatur, the Workhorse Irish Coffee is all about simplicity and is concocted with Slane Irish Whiskey, Sugar in the Raw and Dancing Goats Blend Coffee from Batdorf & Bronson and then topped off with housemade Workhorse Whip and served in a preheated Irish coffee mug. “We are a super cozy joint, and a perfect place to belly up in a cold blustery day. When else would you want an Irish Coffee?” says Marlay House’s Chris Thigpen.

“Irish Coffee is one of those things that is easily overdone, I didn’t want to add a bunch of sugar or other ingredients that will detract from the coffee or the whiskey. We use a high-quality coffee in house from Batdorf & Bronson, and the oaky nuttiness of Slane combined with the slightly floral and chocolaty flavor of the Dancing Goats blend go together like a Celtic knot.”

426 W Ponce de Leon Ave Decatur GA 30030; themarlayhouse.com; @the_marlay_house

Irish Racecar at King of Pops

The Irish Racecar at King of Pops in Atlanta takes some creative license with their riff, done with Slane Irish Whiskey, cocoa nib and creamy banana liqueur, Banjo Cold Brew coffee and a vanilla popsicle. “At the King of Pops Bar, we view cocktails differently,” explains Taliesin Ring from King of Pops. “We took the traditional Irish Coffee and did it up King of Pops style! With Slane Irish Whiskey as the star, this creamy coffee cocktail gives you the kick of energy you need to seize the day. But we didn’t stop there, we added our hand-made, locally sourced vanilla popsicle to sweeten the deal. Together they make a rich, delicious cocktail that is sure to be your next favorite drink!”

676 Ponce de Leon Ave NE Atlanta GA; kingofpops.com; @kingofpops

Not Yer Mama’s Coffee at Boxcar

As the name suggests, this is most definitely not your average Irish coffee. At Atlanta’s BoxCar, the Not Yer Mama’s Coffee is a mix of Slane Irish Whiskey, spearmint tea syrup, Amaro Ciocaro, Bitter Truth chocolate bitters, coffee and stiff minty heavy cream. “Mochas are my favorite fancy coffee so this is a nod to that without trying to rewrite the book on Irish coffee,” says BoxCar’s Katie DeCantillon. “Classics are classic for a reason! As for Slane, it has quickly become one of my favorite whiskeys and a go-to behind my bar.”

1000 White St SW, Atlanta, GA 30310; boxcaratl.com; @boxcaratl


The Banjaxed Boulevard at The Ordinary

Savannah images: Daniel Eastwood; @daniel.eastwood 

The Banjaxed Boulevard at Savannah’s The Ordinary adds a secret weapon to the mix: bacon fat-washed Campari is blended with Slane Irish Whiskey and coffee vermouth then garnished with candied bacon and a coffee-infused dehydrated orange wheel. “Slane Triple Casked Irish Whiskey’s caramel, honey, and spice notes blend well with a bacon fat wash Campari and coffee-infused sweet vermouth, to bring you on a magical journey of flavor,” reveals The Ordinary’s Jessica Myers. “A great cocktail at any time of the day, The Banjaxed Boulevard is a complex, smooth and  refreshing cocktail that will have you saying, “sláinte!” for the rest of your day.”

217 1/2 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401; theordinarypub.com; @ordinarypub

Broughton Common

At Broughton Common in Savannah, the Irish Coffee #3 is a flavorful cocktail made with Slane Irish Whiskey, Perc Double Espresso Nitro Cold Brew, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, St. Elizabeth’s Allspice dram, housemade Broughton Common coffee syrup and fresh shaken whipped cream. “A cold variation of a traditional Irish coffee, the Slane whiskey plays really nicely with the allspice and orange notes of dry Curacao,” says Broughton Common’s Jason Allmond. “Gives it a little something extra. And it’s always nice to get to showcase our friends at Perc, love their coffee.”

118 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401; www.broughtoncommon.com; @broughtoncommon

For more information on Slane Irish Whiskey, visit slaneirishwhiskey.com and @slanewhiskey 

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